“Victory is certain”

21 Aug 2011

Like moths, the youth have joined together to bring India to a new turning point. From Kollam in Kerala to Jammu, from Kanpur to Junagadh, Gujarat, Gauhati, everywhere, in every village, from every nook and corner of the country, people in one voice are saying, ‘we all are together with you.’ You move forward, we are with you. We are all moving together. India needs such a strong legislation that serves as a remedy for this disease, not letting it progress further. For this we have to create a scenario in the country where there is no corruption, misconduct, vice or injustice. Let us turn soldiers into saints and saints into soldiers.

Victory is certain and the consciousness of the country has been awakened. In the entire history of the world such a revolution has never occurred before where not even one incident of violence has been reported. No vandalism, no conflict, no property damage has occurred. But there is dynamism along with awareness - this is a blessing for India. Once again I would like to congratulate Annaji and pray for his good health and feel confident that the day will soon dawn when the demands will be met.

I also congratulate all those gathered here and the millions of people across the country, who with patience, forbearance and an attitude of surrender for the country, have committed themselves to this cause. Today I feel proud to say that my country, Bhaarat, is Great! Those whose conscience is clean their efforts are never weak. When you commit to a task with all your heart, there is no enmity, violence, or conflict of purpose, purity becomes visible. I once again congratulate our team for their determination towards their goal in spite of the allegations. They continued to move forward confidently without giving in. May God give them strength.

There are many things in this country that needs to be redeemed, the electoral system for instance. Someone who comes in with eleven to twelve percent votes is really representing only those eleven to twelve percent people. The remaining eighty percent people have voted against them.. So no one can claim to be representing the entire electorate unless there is an individual who does not aspire to anything personal, in whose life there is only sacrifice, integrity and love for all. Once again I congratulate you for the restraint with which you all have conducted yourselves. There is rage in the hearts along with determination. Congratulating you all once again, I conclude my speech. Vande Maataram

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