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The Happiness Program

A 3 Day Program. A Lifetime Of Happiness. Get equipped with a peaceful, happy state of mind.

"The Easy Breathing Technique That Can Lower Your Anxiety 44%"
"Life Changing"
"May be the fastest growing spiritual practice on the planet"
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Introductory Sessions

Get a taste of The Happiness Program in a free 1-hr class.

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Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

An effortless meditation technique that infuses the mind with peace, clarity, and creativity.

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Sri Sri Yoga

A holistic yoga workshop including asanas, pranayamas, meditation, and yogic wisdom.

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Youth Programs

Bring out the best in your child

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Intuition Process

A unique programme for children and teens that enhances intuition, improves confidence, boosts creativity and intelligence.

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Have you completed The Happiness Program? Continue your journey here:

Silence Retreat

The vacation you always wanted but never knew existed.

The Art of Silence Retreat is a vacation in the truest sense where you can take a real break from all your activities and responsibilities for deep rest and recharge. It’s a total immersion weekend of meditation, silence, and celebration.

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Classes Across Australia

Art of Living hosts meditation and yoga classes across Australia, allowing people to connect with like-minded individuals to understand the nature of the mind and find peace.

Meditation Classes in Melbourne

Meditation Classes in Perth

Meditation Classes in Brisbane

Meditation Classes in Canberra