Every Individual Can Instill Faith Or Destroy Faith

13 May 2012

Montreal, Canada

Today’s message is that everyone one of you is a leader.
You lead somebody somewhere. Either lead them on the right path or lead them astray. This is for sure that everyone is a leader. And if you have to lead everyone in the right path your life needs to be very pure, spotless. And that is what is here. Here we are spotlessly clean. Very clear, very pure. And even this is not something we have achieved, it is a gift.
Do you know, these 56 years, I have not said one bad word to anybody, ever. Worst I have said is, ‘Stupid’, that is all that has come out from my mouth. But I can’t take credit for it, because any other words just don’t come to me; unpleasant words don’t come.
So what I am saying is that when you realize that even this purity in life is not your making, it has come to you as a gift then humility remains in life. If there is humility then you are always moving forward. There are no pitfalls. When the humility is missing then a person falls.
So, everybody is a leader. In order to lead on the right path, in right knowledge, you need to be pure; inside out pure. And how do you become pure? When you are in association with purity you become pure. And purity comes with knowledge, wisdom, pranayama, and all that.
What does knowledge do to you? Knowledge simply purifies you. It is like a detergent.
Nahi Jnanena sadrusham pavitram iha vidyate
There is nothing better than knowledge that can purify you.

Everybody is a leader. You lead people either towards light or towards darkness. In order to lead on the right path you need to be pure. And how do you become pure? When you are in association with purity you become pure.

Every individual is pure in the present moment. However your past has been it does not matter. Dump those thing and surrender. If at all there is the word surrender or offering then that is only about the past. However the past has been, you surrender that. In the present moment you are pure and you are innocent, believe in that. Believe in your purity, and that is it.
A siddhi, or perfection is right now.
So knowledge purifies you, but if you think, ‘Oh, I am the purest person. I have a very good heart and a very good mind’, etc., then that ego can also be dangerous. It makes you impure very soon.
So honoring the purity and not ascertaining that is important. Being humble but not claiming that you are the humblest person on the planet.
To say, ‘I am the most humble person on the planet you can ever see.’ It is ridiculous.
So if we are pure we can lead everybody, we can lead the whole world in the right path.
Thought, word and deed.
You may say, ‘Oh my deeds are very correct and clear, but my thoughts, what do I do with them? I don’t do anything, but the thought comes in my mind to strangle that person, what do I do?’
It is a question? Tell me how many of you had this question here?
Some people sitting in the back also had this question. Raise your hands those who have this question, don’t feel shy. See, so many people.
‘Guruji, by deed we don’t do anything, even the words we can control, but what do we do with the thoughts?’
I tell you, it will automatically start happening. That is why when the body is cleansed, the mind is also cleansed, and good company is essential.
See, if you are in the company of people who are very sattvic, or in the right atmosphere, such thoughts don’t come. When do they come? They come when you are in the company of people who are uptight, angry and agitated. You seem to pick up their vibes.
Now, every time you get a negative thought, don’t blame others. Don’t say, ‘That person is putting this thought into my head’. This mind is so tricky that in any situation it can get you trapped.
That is why there is a proverb in Sanskrit that says, ‘Vachyarambhe Vikaro Nama Deyasya’, which means, the moment you say something things get distorted. So pranayama, meditation, all this will purify the thoughts.

Then words; your determination, your will not to utter those words which are unpleasant and which should not come out of the mouth, you should not utter them. You should not make them come out of your mouth. You know what I am saying.
Make a sankalpa, ‘I’m not going to say these unpleasant words’.
Saying, ‘Oh my God’, that is okay, but something else should not come out, whether you make a mistake, or someone else makes a mistake.
People say, ‘Oh Jesus’ that is okay. ‘Hey Ram’, that is okay, but not the other words.
We need to culture our speech. If you speak unpleasant words then children will also pick up the same thing.
So words and then deeds of course follow. Deed is a very small thing. Most important is your mind.
So, everyone is a leader. You lead people either towards light or towards darkness.
You either tell them things that confuse them that they lose whatever nice things they have in their heart and in their mind about goodness, about society, and they become paranoid and go astray, or you lead them towards wisdom and joy. Every individual can instill faith or destroy faith. Every individual has this capacity. Not forever though. You cannot destroy someone’s faith forever but only temporarily. For eight to ten years their mind goes round, round and round. They don’t believe there are good people on the planet and they believe everything is bad, everybody is hopeless.

There are three things:
1. Faith in a power that is beyond explanation, beyond logic. A power that envelopes the universe.
There is no one God sitting somewhere and trying to punish you, no, forget about it. There is a law, there is a Divine energy. You can call it Divine or the basic energy of creation which has perfect orderliness. This is the best definition for God. God is the field or energy which has perfect orderliness, which is very compassionate and loving. So, faith in the loving energy that is the universe.
2. Faith in the goodness of people. There are good people on the planet with good hearts. There are innocent people. 3. Faith in yourself.
Bad company is what destroys faith in all the three.
‘What can you do? You can’t do anything in this world. Come on, sit down, you can’t do anything. You are in an illusion.’ That type of destroying faith in yourself, faith in the goodness of people around you, and giving you a picture that the world is a horrible place is bad company.

The other day a couple came to me and said their son, a young boy of fifteen years committed suicide, and the note he left said, ‘The world is a horrible place, I just don’t find any hope anywhere. People are fighting over religion and everywhere there is crime.’
A young vibrant boy said this world is a dark place, and said that he does not want to live here anymore.

Do you know, it is said that in Japan 30,000 youths commit suicide every year. Why? Not because of poverty but because the faith in the goodness of people and in society is gone. Do you understand what I am saying?
Seeing everybody as a fraud, everybody as selfish, and everybody as no good, this type of insecurity is created in society. So people even after marriage keep everything separate because they are scared that anytime anything can happen, living in the same house. ‘It is better I keep my things and you keep your things. We don’t know when your mind will turn otherwise.’

'Never mind if you have failed ten times, eleventh time you stand up and run. You can run.’ A good leader instills that confidence in someone. ‘Never mind, mistakes happen, move ahead.

That means that you don’t even believe in the goodness of your own spouse. You don’t believe in the goodness of your own kids, forget about the neighbors.
So that is what bad company is, they destroy the faith in the goodness of people, in the society and finally break your self-confidence.
‘You can’t do anything, how can you bring any change in this world, it is impossible. Just be practical.’ This is one type of leader. Unconsciously they lead people in that direction.
And the good leaders are the ones who bring enthusiasm, happiness, energy, and encourage others to move ahead.
‘Never mind if you have failed ten times, eleventh time you stand up and run. You can run.’ A good leader instills that confidence in someone. ‘Never mind, mistakes happen, move ahead.’
Even amongst criminals there is goodness. Inside a criminal also there is a good person sitting. We know from many of our teachers who have taught the Prison Smart program. Ask them, when they meet the prisoners and talk to them how it is. One who has been condemned by rest of the world, there is a good person sitting inside, isn’t it?
(Many in the audience say, ‘Yes Guruji’)
This is a good leader; he picks up the goodness even in those who have done criminal activity. There is goodness even inside them.
A bad leader is one who even in the best human being or even in a child they find something wrong and try to prove that the child is bad.
Even the courts give freedom for juvenile; they can’t punish them because they are kids. A bad leader finds faults even there. A good leader takes you towards happiness, confidence and knowledge.

So today you simply know; don’t ask me, ‘How do I become a good leader?’ The fact that you are here means you are a good leader, because birds of the same feathers flock together. So we are all flocking together. Know that you are a good leader and that is it; no doubting and no questioning that.
We have to seal the deal. The deal is sealed, ‘I am a good leader.’ No more questioning, no more cross examination on this front. Okay, done deal!
No more, ‘Oh I am not a good leader.’
However you have been in the past, that is a different story, but today the deal is sealed. You are a good leader. And that is it.
Yes. And then you should forget you are a leader. You are simple, you are nobody. It is better that way. When you feel very lazy and laid back and completely overtaken by inertia, then you should know you are a leader. And when you are all worked up, and you are so tensed and feel the burden of responsibility, know that you are just nobody. Forget that you are a leader.
If being a leader feels like a burden then you continue doing what you are doing but forget you are a leader. So don’t drop the work, the work should continue, yes! Good!

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