Fun with Meditation

fun with meditation

Everybody loves fun. Everybody wants to enjoy. Fun is all about your mental state.

If you are unhappy, you feel that even the moon is irritating you. Sweet things are nauseating, music is disturbing. When you are calm and centered inside, noise is musical, clouds are magical and the rain is liquid sunshine. Book yourself on a trip to this most beautiful place in the universe. Then you will find that every day is a vacation and a celebration.

Take the example of Buddha. Buddha is not on the peak; rather the peak is beneath Buddha. One who goes to the peak comes down, but the peak seeks the one who is stationed in the inner space. Often people are running after parties and celebrations, but for the one who is not running after them, parties and celebrations follow him/her.

Know that if you are running after parties, loneliness comes to you, but if you are in the solitude of the self, parties surround you! People who are free, regret that they don't have discipline. They keep promising that they will get disciplined.

People who are disciplined look for the end. Discipline is not an end in itself, it is a means.

Look at all those people who have no discipline; they are miserable. Freedom without discipline is absolute misery. Discipline without freedom is suffocating. Orderliness is monotonous and chaos is stressful. We have to make the disciplined free and the free disciplined!

People depend on outside for the fun and enjoyment. People who are in a cold place want to be in a warm place. People who are in a warm place love to visit cold places. This is the dilemma of life. Everyone is looking for a perfect balance. Perfect balance is like a razor's edge. It can only be found in the self. Meditation can bring that fun to you. Meditation connects you with the self.

With the knowledge of the self, everything is truly joyful. Wisdom that doesn't give rise to feeling is incomplete. Feeling that doesn't translate into action is incomplete. Action that doesn't give rise to fulfillment is also incomplete. Fulfillment is all about returning to the self.

Often people think of the Self as the mind-body complex. This is an erroneous notion. Neither the body nor the mind is the Self. All the yoga you do is for the body. All the meditation you do is for the mind.

Whether calm or disturbed, your mind remains the mind. Whether sick or well, your body remains the body. Self is all-encompassing. Service without attitude, Love without reason, Knowledge without intellect and Life beyond time and events, is what you are.

The only purpose for this body to exist is to make you aware of how beautiful you are and to make you aware that it is possible to live all the values you cherish and create a world of divinity around you.