Meditation and Awareness

Meditation And Awareness

Meditation makes you totally relaxed and at the same time sharpens your awareness.

Transform pain - with awareness

When we raise our consciousness, we become more aware of the sensations that are happening in the body and we see that the sensations change. An intense sensation that is pain and an intense sensation that is pleasure, both become pleasurable.

Love and pain are very closely related. The symbol of Jesus on the cross means that the cross is pain and Jesus is love. One is with the other. The transformation of this pain into bliss, the love into bliss is what happens with awareness.

Doubts subside - with awareness

Have you noticed doubts are always about something positive?

  • When you are happy, you doubt: “Am I really happy?”
  • If someone tells you they love you, you say: “Really? Are you sure?”

We never doubt anything negative in life:

  • You never doubt someone else’s anger or your anger
  • You never doubt your depression
  • If someone tells you they hate you, you don’t doubt it

We take it for granted that everybody is a hoax or a fraud and then we try to find somebody we can trust. It becomes so difficult in the world.

If you can doubt the negativity of people, you come close to the reality.

With this awareness, when you increase the energy level in your body:

  • You will see that the doubts disappear
  • There is more clarity in the mind
  • Confusion goes away from the mind

Meditation is expansion of the mind

Meditation is a technique where the mind expands and relaxes.

  • Whenever you are happy, you feel that something in you is expanding
  • Whenever you are relaxed, you are expanding automatically

It is worth knowing this expansion - because then nothing can disturb you, or take your smile away.

Otherwise, some small things can throw you off balance. Expression of sadness is the contraction of the mind. It is not worth letting your mind or your life undergo such suffering, such misery.

Develop intuitive awareness – with meditation

Intuitive awareness, the intuitive quotient is what comes to your help. If you lack intuition, you can't be really successful! Intuition is not just dry thinking. It's a combination of gut feeling... emotion and intellect. `Antarnath.. Antargyan'.

If you ask some of the most successful people in our society, they will vouch for this: They acted on an intuition and that brought them success - not their logical planning or thinking. Of course that's needed - logic is needed, but not just that! You need to have the support of intuitive awareness and smile MORE!

Meditation increases Prana =>

Prana increases Awareness =>

Heightened Awareness brings you close to reality

In his commentary on Patanjali Yogasutras, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says: "(With spiritual growth), there is a keenness of observation. You become totally relaxed, yet at the same time you possess sharpness of awareness, strength of intelligence. Your senses become so clear. You can see better, think better, hear better. Like a pure crystal, your senses come to reflect all objects as one Divinity."