Meditation and Naturalness

Meditation and naturalness

We all like to go to nature for peace, happiness, relaxation. Why does nature have this power - it is nature's naturalness! All of us like small babies - because of their naturalness. Everyone likes people who are natural. It is important to be yourself, to be natural. Meditation can help you to be natural. Let's see how.

Being natural means being what you are from inside. For that, you need to be connected with your inner self. And meditation can do it the best.

The Unchanging Aspect Of Consciousness - Your Natural Self

By observing that everything is changing in our world, in your lives, in society, you get a clue that there is something, which is not changing. That non-changing aspect of your consciousness gives you enormous strength, courage and creativity.

Experiencing the non-changing aspect deep within you:

  • Makes your body energised
  • Mind focused, our intellect free from inhibitions
  • Memory free from traumas
  • Joyful flavour to your exposition comes around. You are thus able to get in touch with the joy, which you are seeking.

Everybody's natural tendency is to be happy, smiling, friendly, celebrating. Observe yourself, when you are doing these things - you don't have to put any effort. Being natural they do not build stress in you. But when you are sad, angry, lonely, you are not natural - so these things bring stress to you! Meditation connects you with your inner self. Meditation helps your mind expand. Your stress reduces. And you are able to take better decisions and live a better life.

"The natural tendency of consciousness is to expand, to become bliss. Like the natural tendency of water is to flow downward and the natural tendency of air is not to be under pressure, the natural tendency of consciousness is to expand and to be at peace."