Discovering A ‘New Me’

In a quest to know more about life, Krishi Koellner, born and brought up in Hamburg, Germany ended up learning meditation 10 years ago. As an Art of Living Teacher, he now teaches meditation to thousands of people. Below he shares how meditation has been life transforming for him.

I have been meditating for almost one third of my life now. When I look back at how I began, I start smiling.

I started meditating 10 years ago. On weekends, I used to do extra meditation before going out to dance and parties because it would keep me going longer; I was happier without taking any drugs or alcohol. My friends saw great change in me and it served as an inspiration for them. Some of them would not even drink when I would join them for dance or clubbing.

Meditation always recharges me so it also keeps the enjoyment level high. One night, I remember we (my friends and I) had a crazy time. We decided to drive approximately 500 kms to join a festival. We packed some stuff and were off. To keep the energy and the tempo of enjoyment high, we stopped in the middle of the journey and did some pranayamas and meditation. So we were recharged to continue the journey. When we reached, we meditated again and went to the festival - fresher than ever.

After a few years of regular practice, I started having deeper experiences in meditation. Meditating was like being in a washing machine - so many happy, new, weird, funny, upsetting, exciting situations would come up in life but like clouds in the sky, I could see that all of them left me untouched.Talents also started unfolding themselves. I started playing guitar, singing, designing and a lot more things – and all these came so naturally to me.

Now, every morning when I sit for meditation and I know that I have a lot, really a lot to do, sometimes my mind starts planning. But the best part is, I love to simply drop the whole show, take my mantra and repose for a few minutes. After that, the events during the day just flow so nicely. Even if my mind is constantly active and working, there is one part of it which still reposes.