2013: A New Beginning

Yet another year gone by and as we stand at the verge of the new one, let’s reflect upon the time that passed and promise ourselves a fresh start. Let us make a resolution this new year to live happy, stay healthy and spread the message of love and peace. When we meditate, all this comes naturally to us. Meditation fills us with such freshness and life becomes a beautiful journey.

Besides, who doesn’t love newness? Even the nature does. It renews itself continuously and this is what adds to its beauty. Being so connected to nature, it is also important for us to renew ourselves from time to time. And meditation can be our best help in this.

#1: Rejuvenate your body

Nothing can compare the feeling of sipping hot chocolate on a chilly winter morning,
Nor can anything compare running behind a two-year-old, enjoying his naughty antics
These are the things that give meaning to life,
Fill every cell of your body with energy so rife.

The new year awaits new challenges and joys. There’s lots and lots to do, at work, at home, with friends and loved ones, and for the society at large! Let us rejuvenate each and every cell of our body and recharge ourselves with meditation. When you meditate, your mind becomes relaxed, sharp and more focused. You are then able to achieve much more, much better, much faster.

Meditation tip for you: Your body feels particularly low on energy around noon time. Meditating for a few minutes before lunch is a good idea. It charges you up for the second half of the day.

#2: Refresh your mind

12/12/12: A unique day in this century. Let’s celebrate it in a special way. Meditate live with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and welcome the new year with the whole world.

A few moments of rest in the depth of my being,
I feel charged and ready to go.
My mind is fresh and bright with ideas,
And my face radiates a natural glow.

A good meditation can bring you at least 1000 times more freshness than an eight-hour restful sleep. Meditation relaxes the body, helps calm down the mind by releasing accumulated stress so that you feel fresh, think fresh and get ready to give your best. Meditation also has the power to erase past negativity and help you move on in your new avatar.

This new year, let’s pledge to meditate and refresh our minds with nice, positive thoughts and a caring and sharing attitude for all.

Meditation tip for you: When you feel low and all hope seems lost, try meditation. It works. Just a few minutes of sitting with eyes closed can uplift your senses and bring back the lost joy and hope.

#3: Re-energize your spirit of enthusiasm

Hearing my four-year-old daughter tell me about her first day at school,
I smiled at her unimaginable enthusiasm.
She went on and on, not even taking a breath,
And I could only wish I get an iota of her dynamism!

We all long to go back to our childhood days, isn’t it? Those days of play and laughter, when we were miles away from any stress! As we grew older, that excitement, that wonderment about life and its mysteries slowly faded away. Recharge your spirits and fill yourself with enthusiasm this new year – meditate and see it happen. With regular meditation, we start seeing newness in everything around; even the mundane starts appearing fresh and interesting.

Meditation tip for you: When you are in satsangs or listening to soothing chants, simply close your eyes. Meditation happens naturally at such times.

#4: Renew your commitment to serve

The tree in all its splendor,
Serves passers-by with fruit and shelter,
Every fruit is just as sweet,
The tree never questions the ones who eat.

Trees are the biggest example of unconditional service. With nothing to expect in return, they have always been offering their gifts to us. Let these trees be an inspiration this new year for our drive to serve the society. Help the needy, educate the poor, spread peace and non-violence, and play whatever role (big or small) we can in making this world a better place to live in.

Make a start by meditating daily for a few minutes and see the difference not just in you but also in your world around. Meditation also gives you the energy and the constant desire to serve all with a never-fading smile. What's more, just your presence will create a wave of happiness.

Meditation tip for you: Meditating in a group brings positive energy which benefits all.

#5: Remind yourself how beautiful you are

Nature is endowed with beauty, truly so.
The sun with its brilliance, the moon with its cool glow,
The rivers ebb with grace and majesty marks the mountains in snow.
These and more qualities are in us, some in seed form, some show ,
We simply forget and pretend not to know.

Have you noticed how often we try to impress others? We try to be someone who we are actually not and gradually end up losing our natural self. Wake up! Remind yourself every day, every minute of how beautiful you are. Meditation can help you come back to that naturalness and make you feel beautiful, not just outside but also within. And it is the inner beauty that radiates outside. Remember the glow of innocence as a child? When you meditate regularly, you get back to who you really are – an innocent, beautiful person, full of love from within.

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom talks

By Pritika Nair

Based on inputs by Bharathy Harish, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation teacher