5 Tips to Handle Stressful
Situations at Work

“Stress is too much to do, too little time, and no energy,” quotes Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. During our course of day, we are all encountered with these sudden bursts of stress to manage with. A sudden ad-hoc assignment, an emergency to attend to or a deadline that pops its head out when you wouldn’t want to have it around.  It is indeed quite fascinating to know that dealing with stress is quite effortless. Your body and mind can indeed grapple with this fiend of stress with a few lifestyle tips and changes. Following are a few cues to keep you cruising on your day-to-day journey and put your stress to rest:

#1 Food & Sleep: Your 2 Friends

A calm state of mind can handle any stressful situation effectively.  Timely food and sleep nourish your body, providing adequate rest and energy to be active and alert all through the day. A sound sleep of 6 to 8 hours in a comfortable resting area, ¬ added to a regular diet of 3 to 4 meals a day will trigger your mind and body to gear up to the challenge of stress and fatigue. Never trade your sleep for anything in this world lest you may have a tough day ahead.

#2 Reach Out for That Health Bar

Haven’t you often heard that your body is the most precious gift from nature and the most superior of the functioning mechanisms on this planet? It is very important to keep your body and your mind well fuelled to meet the hurdles of work. A fiber rich breakfast with a dash of calcium followed by a carb lunch and protein dinner can keep your body going with full ease. And don’t forget the fats during the lunch! Remember, however busy you are, it is not advisable to skip a meal! If you are too busy, cut some fruits, pour some honey and you are ready to go! Drink lots of water during your schedule. Doctors and dietary experts suggest an intake of 4 to 5 liters of water every day, with a couple of glasses to begin the day. “We accumulate toxins in various parts of body doing work sitting in one place. So, drinking water will help us flush them out” says Dr. Divya, a young medical graduate.

#3 Little Breaks Go a Long Way

During your course of work at your work-place, it is good to be aware that little breaks between your schedules supports you to rebound with double enthusiasm and focus. A quickie quick break of 10 minutes every 1 to 2 hours will help you to come back into your elements, gather yourself and continue your course. “From 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening, my job requires full focus and attention. It also requires me to do rigorous multi-tasking and often gets quite hectic. But every hour or two, I make sure to take a quick walk across the bay, drink some water, get some fresh air and resume work. It helps my mind press the refresh button, clear the cache and take-off. There are moments of stress but I make sure I handle them with ease.” says Jagadish Chandra, a certified financial analyst with a leading European bank.

#4 Pranayama, Yoga & Meditation

Where there is a lock, there has to be a key. Fortunately, the lock of stress has many keys to unlock it and also get rid of it. Many a times, we experience intense stress due to various infamous toxins accumulated in various parts of our body over a period of time. It is scientifically proven that about 90% of toxins are flushed out through our breath. Our respiratory mechanism is a very powerful source of energy and also a great cleansing system. Breathing techniques, especially pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya, help cleanse your body of its toxins and stresses, making you feel stronger and relaxed.

“My day is very hectic. We push ourselves to meet deadlines. But since I do my Sudarshan Kriya, I’ve divorced with stress and work with all enthusiasm” says Monica Patel, a reporter and editor with a Mumbai-based daily. In addition, yoga helps your body remain flexible and agile, thereby making you relax, getting your body rid of all unwanted stress. A couple of minutes of meditation added to yoga regime everyday aids you to relax deeply within yourself, rejuvenating you with an infinite source of energy.

#5 You are a Super Hero

In times of stress, panic or confusion, tell yourself: I can handle this.
When we just look back at our life, we are sure to remember many incidents when we display remarkable confidence and strength to handle situations and come out of them. We are all naturally gifted with adequate strength and confidence to deal with all problems that this world poses to us. Deep down within all of us is a warrior who is capable of enduring every stressful situation which has a faceoff with us. All we need to have is a little belief in ourselves that we are going to stand up to all the question marks hurled at us by stress.