Happiness Starts With Y

Everybody knows that happiness starts with 'H'. 'Yappiness' doesn't really make much sense, does it? This is pretty much the challenge we face with being happy. We think it starts in our life when we get all of mom's attention, or that yummy chocolate, the favorite cartoon, new Dora school bag, skating classes...all the way to a place in the college football team, a high-paying job with little work, a soul mate, a Ferrari and so on. The list is quite endless. But what is interesting to note is that each time we get what we want, we don't really get happier and happier. We just want more.

So, how to start being happy? Well, this requires a paradigm shift in the subtle realms of our consciousness where unfathomable bubbles of past impressions are without our knowledge driving us from one desire to another. This is complicated. I agree. In simpler terms, we have to move from ' when I get this, I will be happy' to ' I am happy and I would like this'.

'Be happy come what may. This is a blessing and an order' says Gurudev. If words can transform your life, these are those words. Happiness is not just a state of our mind. It is our very nature. Sometimes this happiness is visibly expressed. Sometimes not - but you can't stop radiating positivity when you are happy within. Its quite contagious and there is nothing you can do about it. Just by being with you, people will feel happy, they will start smiling - you don't have to do or say anything! Isn't this a good way to be? Like children, when they are joyful, it just simply catches on.

'Oh, those days were something else! ' - so what's stopping you now? You are an unstoppable, unshakeable powerful and phenomenal force of happiness when you recognise that you are the source. Happiness begins with 'Y'ou.