Meditation at work: The
best stress buster

How often have you been told to meditate to be more effective, relaxed and focussed at work? How many times have you put it off quoting lack of time? Read the following statistic to understand the truth regarding the time element that was gnawing at you all this while. There are 1440 minutes in a day, out of which, meditating just 20 minutes a day at work, can lead to numerous benefits. This does not appear to be such a tall ask, after all, does it?! Read on to see how you can avail of the benefits of meditation at work.


1. Enhanced efficiency:  

When you meditate, you double your efficiency. You will find that you can complete the same work that took 4 hours earlier, in just 2 hours, post meditation. This is, because, meditation increases your concentration power by decluttering your mind. Hence, your overall efficiency improves.

2. Effective multitasking:

Today the work pressure is so high for most employees that no job allows you to focus on only one task at a time. To be able to successfully keep the proverbial multiple balls in the air at the same time, without dropping any, you need to realise your own self-worth. Recognising that you are multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, will help you multitask. Meditation at work enhances the level of your consciousness, bringing you in touch with your inner self, thus establishing balance and composure within you. The resulting confidence will help you handle innumerable tasks at a time.

3. Improves communication skills:

Meditation increases observation, perception and expression skills. You have a sense of enhanced awareness. This enables you to communicate clearly and effectively.

4. 20 Minutes of meditation = 8 hours of sleep:

We all know the importance of sound and adequate sleep. The body feels refreshed and revitalised after 8 hours of repose. Meditation for 20 minutes a day is equivalent to those 8 precious hours! Meditation adds to the feeling of being energised by making you feel rested and calm, the upshot of which is that you are more productive, focussed and efficient. Don’t be surprised

if the positive aura surrounding you leads to more perks at the workplace, like promotions and salary increments!

5. Beats the morning blues:

No one has escaped those dreaded Monday morning blues, when all the happy, positive and perky thoughts of the weekend dissolve into anxiety about the approaching week i.e. no one except those who have experienced the joys of meditation! Meditation makes your mornings happy and positive. It rejuvenates your tired and stressed mind. So, be the architect of your day and choose to begin your week with a relaxed frame of mind.

6. Clarity of mind:

Meditation is like a sign board that shows you the way out of the jungle of thoughts. It gives clarity to your mind, and purpose to your actions.

7. Improves soft skills:

In life, it is soft skills that is most required to succeed at the workplace. While 15% of people think that domain knowledge leads to success, 85% think that soft skills lead to success. Meditation improves soft skills.

8. Reduces stress:

Do you know that in stressful situations, the body generates a hormone called the stress hormone? Research shows that meditation significantly reduces this hormone. Meditators incur less stress under the demands of work and daily living.

meditation at workplace

In a cluttered world with countless and sundry demands on your time, some silent me-time is one of the most precious gifts you can get. Don’t deny yourself the chance to be an overachiever at work, accomplishing more with less effort. Those few minutes of meditation at work could be the line that differentiates the average from the dynamic and successful leader at the workplace.