Here’s how you can have better decision-making abilities

The task to make important decisions in a short time not only seems difficult, but it also brings a momentary halt in our life. There are numerous decisions that we make – big and small – often, but the moment we realize we have to make a decision, we are inevitably caught in an array of emotions. It’s natural.

Ever thought what really throws you in that dazed state? One can blame it on the fast-paced living or bombardment of limitless information, but what brings that momentary pause while you’re about to make a decision is stress. In fact, it gets more challenging when uncertainty around the consequences of your decision builds up the pressure.

Though it is a constant subtle happening and most of our actions are born out of a decision, the pertinent question here is how to make the right decision at the right time? What are the factors that aid in making right decisions? Be it at work, in family matters, career, relationships or other miscellaneous issues, how to know that the decision will not turn into a disaster?

The answer lies in de-cluttering your mind. A calm mind with strong intuition and clarity has better decision making abilities, even if the timeline is tight. It is possible to shift from the dazed and confused mind to a more clear and confident mind before making a decision. It is possible with a few minutes of silence, with meditation.

Here’s how meditation works to better your decision-making ability.


Calmer mind

When you are bombarded with too many thoughts, your mind is unable to arrive at a decision. A mind with jumbled thoughts is not conducive to decision-making. Meditation helps to clear the thoughts by calming the mind down.

Just how one can see a clear reflection in still waters, similarly a calm mind gives a clear picture of all parameters and possible repercussions of a decision. You are, thus, empowered to take the right decision.


Drop the baggage

Our negative emotions like fear, anxiety, guilt, regret or worry subconsciously play a part in the decision-making process. Regular meditation helps us drop our emotional baggage, be natural, and take decisions from an unbiased frame of mind.

In addition to clearing our personal emotional baggage, meditation helps in taking note of other people’s point of view with an unbiased mind. So, even if someone’s opinion is shrouded with anger, you are more likely to understand them instead of dismissing them.


A strong mind

Meditation helps maintain your energy and enthusiasm to a great extent. This, in turn, results in boosting clarity and a holistic approach towards any issue. You can handle a greater workload, manage pressure and deadlines more easily and will be ready to take a sound decision at any given time.


Strong intuition

Intuition is like a quick sprint of a thought that cuts through all the clutter to give you the best solution or brief about a situation. With intuition, you can make decisions quickly.

Meditation improves this faculty by increasing awareness. Consistent practice strengthens it.

Better decision-making abilities: a reality

“My job requires me to be creative and innovative while making decisions all the time. I have been meditating regularly for the last two years. I have found that my gut feeling has become razor sharp and it keeps my assignments flawless.”

Rohit, creative associate working with a leading ad agency.

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(With inputs from Prajakti Deshmukh, the meditation faculty)