Can Meditation Help
Busy Mothers?

Monica sighed as she sat heavily for a quick coffee and chocolate fix before the rush of after-school activities and household chores began. Her friend had come to visit her and as always was energetic and positive about her life despite having a busy job and a growing family. Monica knew that her friend was a regular meditator and wanted to experience the same zest for life. Curious, she asked her friend, “How do you manage to juggle everything and still look so calm and serene?“

Are you curious to know the answer too?

Join the two friends in the conversation that followed. You will discover the reasons Monica thought she couldn’t meditate and how her friend replied, ”It is only because I practice meditation that life is not a juggle at all but flows smoothly.”

#1: There Is No Time

Do you feel that time is squeezed very tightly already and that the demands of family and work leave you with no time for yourself?

You must have experienced at some point in your life that when you were full of joy and enthusiasm, there was no feeling of time pressure? In a happy state of mind, everything gets done effortlessly and you become very creative in getting tasks done.

So how can we be naturally joyous and enthusiastic?

One of the great ways is through meditation. With regular practice of meditation, the stresses drop away and your natural happiness and energy expands. So, meditating is especially helpful if you are a busy mother.

TipHave you seen how brushing teeth and bathing have become so much a part of our life that now we don’t really need to find time for it, we simply have time for it? Well, in the same way, discover the most convenient 20 minutes of the day for yourself and make meditation a part of your day!

# 2: I Am Too Tired

Do you sometimes long for a holiday from the daily routine: getting a break from a difficult boss, a demanding schedule, and the constant clamor of people wanting something from you?

In the meditative state, you get such deep rest that you will feel refreshed more quickly. In meditation, the deep impressions of the day, which drag us down, are effortlessly released. It is like throwing out the daily garbage.

Tip – The times you feel that you are too tired and exhausted, remind yourself that that’s when you need meditation the most (meditation is your favorite energy booster, right?). Just look for a nice corner to meditate, and come out all charged up and refreshed.

#3: There Is No Quiet Space For Me To Meditate

Is your life a chaotic cacophony of children screaming, TV blaring, and deadlines dropping in your in-box at any minute of the day? Do you live in a cramped apartment with family or others who expect you to be on call at all times?

The solution is to be firm yet soft. Be very clear with the people around you that meditation is important to you, and ask them to respect your time and space. At the same time, be gentle and accommodate the noise, the chaos, and the complaints with a smile.

The good news is that as time goes by you will be able to meditate even in a noisy environment without getting disturbed.

Tip - Meditating early in the morning is good, when everyone is asleep; it will keep you refreshed for the entire day. Meditating at the end the day is good to rest deeply for a great night’s sleep.

#4: I Would Rather Do Exercise

Do you feel you have limited time and the main thing you need to do to keep healthy, is physical exercise? Do you have a sedentary job and feel the tension in your shoulders and back after a day spent in front of the computer?

Do you know the best way to keep yourself healthy?

The solution is to have exercise and rest for the body but also plan to have exercise and rest for the mind.

Meditation cultivates a happy and calm disposition and helps the thought processes to function at peak performance. Stresses are released, so tension doesn’t linger. Ensure that meditation is a part of your health regime. Do some yoga and meditation for the body and mind.

TipYou can create your own daily yoga and meditation regime. Make sure to choose some different yoga asanas from time to time in your regime, which will help add a different flavor to it and keep away the boredom.

#5: There Is No One To Look After The Children While I Meditate

Are you a parent juggling the care of your children while working to have financially security for them? Or perhaps you have a baby or restless child and don’t have family support at home.

If this is you, then obviously you love your children very much and want the best for them. When you are calm and happy, your children reflect those positive feelings. You can be a great role model by showing them how you respect yourself with meditation.

Tip – Find a meditation buddy and look after each other’s children for “mother meditation time”. If your child is above the age of six, you can also meditate with your child.

# 6: My Work Is So Hectic That I Just Want To Chill Out When I Get Home

Do you work in a challenging job that requires you to respond and work quickly?

Did you know that the things we turn to for short-term relief, such as chocolate, fried foods, and gossip, can bring long-term discomfort? You must have experienced how they make you feel heavy and lethargic after some time.

One of the best respites from the demands in your life is to have just 20 minutes of meditation to really relax and chill out. You will feel so great that the usual stress busters will lose their appeal.

It is really worth sticking with a commitment to be a regular meditator for long- term happiness and contentment. Meditation is a great technique to release the stresses that build up during daily life.

TipNext time you take a break and are about to gorge on to something that you know might not be so healthy, just convert your little break into a 10-minute TOT (Time-Out Time) for yourself by meditating.

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom talks

Written by Janette Scott