Meditation for Parenting Toddlers: Unfolding Secrets

I cannot stop admiring her as she takes baby steps in an effort to walk independently. It seems that in no time, she has turned 16 months old. My beautiful yet adventurous journey of parenting has allowed me to capture these moments of a lifetime. At the same time, with this new chapter, my life had become a jigsaw puzzle. Meditation helped me fit all the pieces together - Tara, mother of a toddler.

Life certainly changes – your little one takes center stage and all the once- important things gravitate towards the sideline. Managing everything else, yet taking care of your baby, requires you to be alert and happy at all times.

As your baby grows into a toddler, you want to embrace every moment and enjoy this amazing journey of parenting. Meditation helps you to do exactly that.

It helps you give your best as you raise your little angel. Meditation also helps you to have confidence in yourself as you take on the role of a parent, and betters your decision-making skills. This beautiful technique allows you to savor each precious moment with your child. The quality of your enjoyment increases by leaps and bounds.

Keep an effective watch

Quick meditation tips

  • Worried when to find time to
    meditate? The best time could
    be when your child is sleeping.
    If your child is awake and is in
    a playful mood, ask a friend to
    play with him for 10 minutes
    and you could use that time to
  • Meditating when you feel stressed
    or tired would help you keep your
    calm and bounce back with energy.

This is the time your baby slowly blossoms into a bundle of curiosity with an enquiring mind, their sense of exploration slowly developing. You might find them touching or playing with practically everything that fits into their little palm. As a parent, it is important to keep an eye on them all the time.

Meditation improves awareness and alertness, making it much easier to keep a watch over your baby and at the same time, engage in other work effectively.

Helpful tip - If your baby is playing or trying to chew something not good for them, rather than snatching it away, quickly replace it with something more interesting or safe.

Learn new ways to feed your toddler

One of the biggest challenges that parents face is making the baby eat. Besides running all over the place, making elephant-shaped pancakes or smiley sandwitches, you find yourself becoming the ultimate story-teller and your baby’s favorite singer. All the creativity you never knew existed is forced to come out! However, sometimes it can get tiring and stressful for the parent.

Meditation calms you down and also increases your patience level, so you are less likely to get agitated at your little one.

Helpful tip - Make your child do some physical exercise before making them eat. For example, take them for a little walk, or make them play on the swing, or run around a little. This way, they would get a little tired and would be more likely to sit in one place and eat (less work for you too!)

Communicate through the heart

Between the age of one and two-and-a-half years is the time when toddlers make their first effort to communicate through words. But most often, it is hard to understand what they wish to say. So, you need to continue being sensitive in keeping your communication more at the heart level.

Meditation increases this sensitivity and helps you bond with your child better.

Helpful tip - Sometimes, while communicating with your little one, get down to their level by kneeling down or sitting next to them. Also, while talking to them, look into their eyes because they love to get undivided attention from you, even if it is only for a minute or two.

Be the best manager at home

Managing all household chores, work, take care of the baby, and rest, all in the same 24 hours could be a bit of a challenge.

Meditation makes you calm and effective in whatever you do and you are able to strike a balance in life.

Helpful tip - Try and find times when your baby is sleeping to do all the other important things.

Keep your calm during tough times

You might find yourself worrying too much when your baby is sick. It is important to maintain your calm because a child is sensitive to the mother’s state of mind and tends to catch the emotion very quickly.

Meditation lets you stay calm and centered during such tough situations and gives you the inner strength to do the needful for your baby.

Helpful tip - The times when you feel stressed, take a few deep breaths in and out to relax yourself.

Set the right example

You might be surprised to find your little one parroting whatever you say or do. Their quest to learn is taking shape slowly. At the same time, their tender mind is greatly impressionable. It is very important as a parent to be pleasant and calm, as parents are the first role models for a child.

Meditation lets you be in a peaceful state of mind and have a reassuring presence that you are their guiding hand. A few minutes of meditation also gives you inner strength and the ability to nurture and give them the right upbringing.

Helpful tip - Whatever qualities you want your baby to learn, make sure to demonstrate those in front of your baby. For instance, if you want your little one to learn sharing and caring, demonstrate the act of sharing at home with other family members and you will find your baby copying you.

Meditation Quiz for Parents

Amazed by the way meditation can add value to your life as a parent? Just take a few minutes to meditate during the day - the best time could be when your little one is sleeping. Week after week, maybe every Sunday, after daily meditation practice, you can take this quiz and see the change in yourself.

Do I get agitated at my little one whenever he does something he is not supposed to do?

     1- I deal with him patiently  2- Rarely  3- Sometimes  4- Always

I find myself becoming more aware and keeping a watch on my baby

     1- Always   2- Mostly  3- Sometimes  4- Rarely

I find creative ways to make my baby eat food

     1- Most of the times  2- Sometimes  3- Rarely  4- I just end up getting agitated

Do I worry too much when my baby is unwell?

     1- I find I’m stronger than before  2- Sometimes but less than before  3- Always

The more you meditate, you will find yourself moving from right to left as you keep taking this quiz. You could also learn to meditate under the guidance of a trained teacher at a Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Course near your place.

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom talks

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