Just do it with Meditation

A content writer by profession, my productivity was defined as the number of stories I wrote in a week and the quality of those write-ups. I felt I was doing a decent job, meeting my target of three stories a week.

Amidst my ‘content’ routine, I found myself in the Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Program. Perhaps my meditation mantra would help me sustain my creative abilities with words.

However, I least expected what I got. Within a few days, some hidden potential seemed to have been uncovered. My stories moved from acceptable to excellent, receiving numerous accolades from colleagues and managers alike. And then last week, for the first time, I came up with three publish-quality articles in just two days' time! Now that's what I call productivity - all thanks to a few minutes of meditation. Maybe meditation is the key to having your personal story-telling angel watch over you. The interesting part is, meditation seems to have been the secret to a lot of “I-can-make-you-perform- better-than-ever-before’ angels for a lot of people.

1. Work that would take me many hours is now done in express time!

Meditation had an immediate impact on my work. Work that would normally take me many more hours was completed in much less time and neither was I feeling as tired or stressed. If I meditate before a big meeting, a discussion with an important client, or a workshop, I find I contribute and connect better, leading to numerous successes at work.

(Srinivas Uppaluri, Management Consultant, Bangalore)

2. Exam fear is out! One revision and I'm all set!

Within six months of starting meditation, my number of revisions went down from three to one. After one year, no revisions were needed at all! I feel so confident now to appear for exams.

(Sakshi Babar, student)

3. You have no idea what secrets meditation can unfold!

I have always been a very good performer. Every two years I would get promoted and a bigger responsibility would come. Despite all this, it was effortless for me. When you really integrate meditation and pranayama in your life, life becomes effortless. All the running around, the challenge of completing targets and all the erratic work hours is going to be easy.

(Rajita Bagga, President, World Forum for Ethics and Business)

4. With meditation I can now compose better!

It is very possible for musicians or music lovers to get addicted to music and listen to it all day. That might be counterproductive to the experience of listening to music or even making music/singing, etc. One certainly needs a healthy lifestyle, meditation everyday to sustain the freshness of listening to music and performing/composing music.

(B Prasanna, musician & composer)

5. Cooking was never so much fun!

As a homemaker, I used to get so frustrated doing the same chores all day - the regular – cooking, washing, cleaning. But with meditation, the same tasks started looking so fresh suddenly! Now I enjoy whatever I do and I have also become so creative in trying out different cuisines, styles and ways of doing things. Moreover, I no longer complain about no time for myself. All my housework finishes by afternoon and then I'm free to do what I like. All this happened with meditation. I love my life now.

(Sushama Chopra, housewife)

You too could make these experiences your own. After all, who doesn't like to be more productive in less time? And have more time to spend the way they like? Learn more about getting started with meditation and then try one of these online meditations on your own for an experience.

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom talks

By Pritika Nair

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