7 Delicious Secrets That Can Help Men Become Better Cooks

It is quite startling to know from a recent research that while men enjoy eating more than women, they also prefer cooking their own meals. That's not it—around 58 percent of women admit that their husbands are better cooks than them.

Men, the reasons are aplenty for you to start cooking. For some, health might be the first priority, while others might prefer getting the workload off their spouse. Some may find it an attention grabber for women, while some may see it as saving the money spent on food purchased from outside, and probably invest that in something that lasts longer… like gadgets, may be!

Well, whatever be the reason, it is always useful to learn a few recipes, which can be come to your rescue at times when there aren't many options to eat out. And, in no time, you'll find cooking to be like meditation – a total stress buster. Here we are, spilling a few essential tips that can make cooking for men simple, effortless, and non-monotonous.

#1 Meditate For Taste

Spilling ideas out of our box:

  1. A study shows that chanting mantras or praying before meals can increase the food's energy level. It is like breathing life into your food. If you want the food that you eat to benefit you, chanting "Om" or "Om Namah Shivaya" after the food is served can help.

"Meditation is equal to creativity. Meditation is equal to the ability to maintain calm in panic and bad situations", says Khurshed Batliwala (Bawa), cooking expert and founder of a very well-known café in Bangalore, India. Bawa has had experiences of a new recipe clicking as soon as he comes out of meditation. One of his recent innovations has been a dish made of pulse spice powder and blue cheese that has left his guests begging for more. He also believes that meditation is what takes him and everyone else to a space of calm. "If you are calm, you don't panic in case of kitchen slipups. Else, you'll end up spoiling a very beautiful meal", he adds. Accept what has happened and see what you can do. In case nothing works out, you have the option of dining out. Your kitchen is like a laboratory—there are factors you can control and those that you cannot. Do what you can and take it easy with meditation. The loving kindness and calm with which you cook will show in the bonding you share with the ones who eat it.

#2 Start Now – It Is Never Too Late

While you might still be thinking about places to dine out, I tell you, take to the kitchen or, if you don't have one, design one. All you need is a stove, an electric oven or a microwave, a few essential condiments, and the vegetables of your choice. "It is a little bit of theory and a little bit of intuition. That's it—it ain't rocket science", says Debayan Das, a fourth year grad student who loves cooking what he loves to eat. This coming from another man proves that YOU CAN ALSO DO IT. You just need to make the first move.

To make things easier for you, we have got a list of the most basic to some highly advanced recipes. What are you waiting for? Don the apron and pick up that knife!

#3 Take Expert Advice

Did you know that the best chefs in the world are men inspired by moms? Cooking requires an eye for even the finest detail, which comes with observation and patience. Observing your mom while she is cooking, paying keen attention to online tutorials, and closely following a recipe book can give you an edge over those who cook just for the sake of it. "Take it easy and cook with a calm mind", suggests Kaushani Desai, Ayurvedic cooking expert. Patience is the key. And something that can help boost your patience is meditation.

Meditation settles your otherwise restless mind and takes you to a space of understanding that it takes time and effort for any skill to grow or nurture, and so it is with cooking.

Don't worry. Avoid hurry.