Tips To Beat Common Cold

Is your nose red from sneezing all day? Or do you find yourself recording body temperature every 2 hours, praying that all will be well? These are a few visible signs of common cold, but a lot more goes on inside us.

If you are suffering from sore throat, nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and/or fever, you have probably caught common cold, which scientists lovingly call nasopharyngitis.

And, if you are one of those who are not able to adapt easily to weather changes, start sneezing the moment you breathe pollen, or somehow fall ill very often, you might need to take extra care!

What do you do when you catch a cold? Pop an over-the-counter medicine? How often does it cure your cold? Doctors say that taking the same pill every time you catch cold can make the virus indifferent towards you and your pill.

It is time for change! Let’s have a look at a few natural methods of treatment with guaranteed results and no side-effects.

#1 Meditate To Strengthen Your Immune System

Did you know that meditation, an ancient technique of relaxation, can help cure cold? By now, you must be well aware that immunity and wellness are directly proportional. The stronger your immunity, the healthier you are. Have you wondered how meditation can heal you?

Think of it like this: Immunity is like the army that protects you from potential enemies called antigens. Meditation to your army is like first aid to a wounded soldier (that is, when you suffer from illness) and also increases the strength of your army (that is, increases immunity).

On all the days you are unwell, it will help restore balance, strengthen your immunity, and heal your body and mind. On all the other days, when you are well, meditation will give you the best of soldiers to keep you safe and prevent potential illnesses from entering your system.


There is another way in which meditation heals our body during illnesses.

How do you feel when you are unwell? If you feel low on energy, it is because illness consumes your energy. On the contrary, you can associate wellbeing with high energy levels. If we meditate at such times, it will help increase our life-force energy (also called prana), which in turn will boost the immune system. A stronger-than-before immune system helps us fight diseases like common cold.

It is time to recover! Try one of our online meditations guided by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

#2 Pranayama, Yoga & Sound Therapy

Have you seen the way kids play and the way they sleep? Maybe you can go back in time and see how you or your kid posed for photographs! Notice their body postures and the way they slept with fingers arranged in a particular manner. Yoga and pranayama aren’t something you need to train yourself in. It is naturally ingrained in you, just as you can see it in kids!

Pranayama with Agni mudra and Vayu mudra increase body heat, which helps dissolve cough build up without causing acidity.


How is Agni mudra done?

Agni mudra is done by folding the ring finger to the base of the thumb and pressing it with the thumb at the medial phalange while leaving the other three fingers straight.

How is Vayu mudra done?

Vayu mudra is done by letting the index finger touch the mound of the thumb and letting your thumb touch the medial phalange of your index finger while leaving the other three fingers straight. Repeat each pranayama for 3 minutes, at least 3 to 4 times a day.

Did you know that the simple act of breathing actually holds the secret to a healthy life? If we regulate the way we breathe through practices like Sudarshan Kriya and Bhastrika, we can help restore our balance at all levels, including physical and emotional. Breath is our main source of prana (vital life-force energy). When we do Sudarshan Kriya (a simple rhythmic breathing technique), our breath becomes rhythmic and toxins that cause or aggravate diseases are flushed out.

#3 Even Sound Can Heal!

Have you heard of sound therapy? Sounds created by Sanskrit chanting produces positive vibrations. Positive vibrations raises our energy levels. Listening to chants when you are battling cold gives strength to your system to fight cold.

You might notice that if you hear these chants with your eyes closed, you slip into a state where you are at deep rest. That is the state of meditation. The chants itself start the process of healing. You can even lie down and rest while listening to chants. Don’t worry if you fall asleep—it’s good because the increased energy level is now being diverted to heal you.

#4 Believe that there’s nothing wrong with you

Tell me, the moment you realize you have caught a cold, what’s your first line of defence? Surrender and hit the bed or stand up and move ahead?

Well, did you know everything is right there in your mind? Changing your thought process can change your life. Your mind is very powerful. It can heal you. For medicines to show results, it is often said that you have to have faith in them and the doctor. Faith is a powerful ally in helping us heal. Initially, it might be difficult to believe, but you can fake it until you make it.

However, we suggest that if your cold is severe and you feel exhausted, relax for as long as you want, while always believing that you will recover soon.

For more tips read the sequel to this article coming soon

Written by Ravisha Kathuria
Based on Meditation inputs by Bharathy Harish, sajah samadhi Meditation teacher and Ayurvedic inputs by Dr. Shiksha Thakur, Ayurveda Expert.