She is ferocious. She is compassionate. She is wise. She is the many manifestations of one energy - she is the Mother Divine. Navratri (literal meaning: nine nights) is the time to worship the nine primary forms of the Devi. Each form represents a unique characteristic and virtue. Each form is beautiful beyond compare and magnificent. 

This Navratri, let’s strengthen our collective resolve for peace and health across the world. These wallpapers will only remind you of hope, faith, and strength!  

Shailaputri: First form of the Mother Divine
Shaila = stone; putri = daughter.

This form of the Mother Divine invokes strength, similar to that of a stone. Praying upon this form nurtures commitment, bestows centeredness, courage, and serenity.

Brahmacharini: Second form of the Mother Divine
Brahma = infinity; charini = to move

Brahmacharini means one who is present and moves in infinity. She is the energy that is not stagnant or inert but moving in infinity. Celibacy is also said to be synonymous with Brahmacharya because in that you are in harmony with the greater whole. 

Chandraghanta: Third form of the Mother Divine
Chandra = moon/ mind; ghanta: the bell

Chandra signifies the mind and the various feelings or shades of emotions and thoughts. Ghanta means a bell from which only one kind of sound arises. The essence here is to take everything together - whether harmonious or unpleasant - as a collective whole, as one naad (sound) like the sound of a bell or a large gong.  

Kushmanda: Fourth form of the Mother Divine
Kusha = pumpkin/ prana; anda = cosmic sphere

Here, pumpkin refers to your prana (subtle life force energy), specifically prana which is total; complete like a sphere. This form represents the energy that has this unique quality of being smaller than the smallest, and larger than the largest. Seeing that awakened intelligence manifest and pervade everywhere in creation is the meaning of Kushmanda.

Skandamata: Fifth form of the Mother Divine
Skanda = name of Lord Kartikeya who represents power of knowledge; mata = mother

Skandamata is the form that brings practical wisdom and action together. Skandamata represents the very origin of jnana (knowledge) and kriya (the principle of action or activity). It can be understood as kriyatmak jnana (knowledge behind an action or action that is driven by the right knowledge).

Katyayini: Sixth form of the Mother Divine
Katyayani represents the deep and most intricate secrets of Divinity

Everything that happens and unfolds before us, which is called Prapancha is not limited only to what is visible. That which is invisible and cannot be perceived by the senses is far greater than we can even imagine and comprehend.

The subtle world which is invisible and unmanifest is ruled by this form of the Mother Divine – Katyayani. In this form, she represents everything that cannot be seen or understood. Katyayani represents the deep and most intricate secrets of Divinity.

Kaalaratri: Seventh form of the Mother Divine
Kaala: time; ratri: rest

It is a very fierce and terrifying form of the Mother Divine. There can be no form more terrifying than this in the entire Creation but even this terrifying form has a motherly aspect to it. The Kaalratri form of the Mother Divine is said to bestow jnana (knowledge) and vairagya (dispassion).

Maha Gauri: Eighth form of the Mother Divine
The epitome of beauty

Maha Gauri represents the epitome of beauty. Maha Gauri confers and fulfills all your wishes and desires. Devi Maha Gauri gives you all blessings and boons that you seek for material gains so that you become content from within and move forward in life.

Siddhidhatri: Ninth form of the Mother Divine
Siddhi: extraordinary capabilities/ perfection; daatri: bestower

The Siddhidhatri form of the Mother Divine blesses you with siddhis (extraordinary capabilities) so that you do everything with perfection. What does siddhi mean? You get what you need even before the desire for it arises. You need not even work or act to attain something. At the mere thought of it, you are able to attain what you desire, without having to struggle or make efforts for it. 

Wishing you a very Happy Navratri! May all the aspects of the Mother Divine blossom in your consciousness. 

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Based on the knowledge talks by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
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