How meditation helps in time management, adds hours to your day

It often happens that an entire day passes by and there is still a good amount of work left to be done. Time management has become a burden for many. Although we have our schedule in place for each day, there is something that slows us down, leaving us begging for more time at the end of the day.

Truth be told, time management is not difficult, especially when you meditate.

You may be wondering how you can devote time to meditation when you already are struggling to manage it. Sure, there is a time constraint, but the fact remains that we cannot stretch hours of a day. If it was possible, then we would customize our weekends to have 36 hours and even more.

But, with meditation, time management becomes much easier.

Meditation has many benefits such as it refreshes us, increases our awareness, makes us wiser and gentler, helps in coping with the world, communicate better, etc. But, of all the benefits, it makes us more productive and increases our capacity to resist distracting urges of the mind.

Meditating daily will strengthen your willpower, hence aiding in the completion of daily tasks without constant distraction.

How meditation helps in time management


You become more efficient

A few minutes of meditation helps to remain focused and calm. The result is that you are able to concentrate better and work efficiently. As a student, studying for exams becomes easier. As a working professional, contribution at the workplace becomes more significant.


Mind is more in the present

Often, without even realizing, a lot of our time is lost because our mind is oscillating between the past and planning for the future. Then there are several distractions too. Meditation brings the mind back to the present moment, which is the field of all action – we cannot act in the past or future, we can only act in the NOW. So, when the mind is in the present, we can do much more in the same time span.


Fewer mistakes, more time

Meditation increases awareness and skills. As a result, we make fewer mistakes and save the time spent in sorting them out.


Strong intuition

Daily practice of meditation has a few subtle benefits. One of them is the blossoming of intuition. As the intuition becomes stronger, decision-making ability enhances, saving time in the process.


Boosts energy levels

Sometimes, even after a good night’s sleep of 7-8 hours, we tend to feel lazy, tired, and lethargic the next day. Proceeding with the day in the same state of mind can be a real drag. In times like these, meditation is extremely useful. It brings a complete shift in our energy levels and enthusiasm.

Janhavi Saxena, who meditates twice daily, says, “It’s amazing how after I started meditating, my mind doesn’t feel so tired now. My day starts at 6 in the morning and even in the night at 11, it doesn’t seem like a long day. I am high on energy and I could still do more.”


With daily meditation, time management certainly becomes easier. And if you are already a good time manager, meditation will only help enhance this skill.


(With inputs from meditation faculty, Prajakti Deshmukh)