Morning Meditation to Start Your Day the Right Way

By Phillip Miner

Did you know that the morning is the best time to meditate? Start your day right with 3 morning meditations plus tips from the Art of Living.


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Below you’ll find a few guided meditations, which are particularly enjoyable and refreshing
as part of your morning routine. Why meditate in the morning? First, the practice soothes the body and mind and adds an extra layer of restful awareness to your day. It’s said that the best time for meditation is in the morning soon after you wake up. While meditation can be helpful at any time of the day, it’s particularly powerful in the morning. That’s because our nervous systems are getting ready for the day. While meditation can recharge us later on, meditation first thing in the morning can better prepare us for the challenges of the day before they arise. 

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And morning meditation can prevent the stress that might otherwise weigh you down. In fact, meditating in the morning can also give you more energy and inner strength to tackle whatever comes your way.

Still, setting up a daily meditation practice in the morning can be daunting. We all face challenges in the morning. They can get in our way of establishing a regular practice. It takes time to make a good habit and break a bad one. But with a bit of concerted effort, you can establish a morning meditation routine and enjoy self-care that keeps on giving

Enjoy this guided meditation for first thing in the morning


Helpful tips for a morning meditation practice

1)  This first tip might go without saying, but it’s one of the most fundamental tips. Pay attention to what time you go to sleep. If you don’t give yourself enough time to sleep, then how can you expect to get anything done in the morning? The average adult human needs six to eight hours of sleep. While sleeping too much can get in the way of morning meditation, so can sleeping too little!

2) Many people face the morning blues. This can be detrimental to preparing for the day. In this regard, morning meditation can become “one more thing to do” instead of a source of benefit. But a morning meditation practice is the perfect antidote to worrying morning blues. Think of it as a way of surfing over the morning blues and improving your day with an enjoyable morning ritual! Add meditation to your morning routine for just 10-20 minutes and you’ll see things start to shift. Soon your blues will fade and you’ll be much more motivated to continue.

morning meditation practice

3)  Some people have busy mornings. Because of this, many people may feel they don’t have enough time to begin a morning meditation routine. Meditation can actually help you get through your busy morning. Meditate extra early and it can ease the stress of whichever tasks you have to do in the early morning. This allows you to get them done more efficiently.

4) Your meditation environment is important too. If you live in a busy household, see if you can find a private quiet space to do your meditation. It doesn’t have to be a separate room. Create your meditation space where you are out of the way and likely to be left alone in peace and quiet.

5) Lighting can be important too in establishing a morning meditation routine. Science has proven that the body responds best to natural sunlight. If possible, expose yourself to natural sunlight when you meditate be it indoors or outdoors. This will help to ensure your morning meditation is more fruitful and you will be fully awake. Plus it will give you more incentive to do it.

6) A few deep breaths will help prepare you for your morning meditations. Breathing exercises insure you are fully awake, conscious and ready for your meditation practice. Breathing exercises also contribute to deeper meditations.

More guided meditations to start your day

Guided meditations are the easiest way for any beginner to start a meditation practice.
To get started sit comfortably and choose one of these guided morning meditations for your next morning meditation.

Sun Guided Morning Meditation

10 Minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation

What if you're not a morning person?

If you can’t establish a regular habit of morning meditation right away, don’t beat yourself up. It always takes time to change one’s routine. But if you don’t try in the first place, you will definitely not feel the rewards of morning meditation practice

No time is wasted when it comes to meditation, so any meditation you do will be beneficial!

Use the above tips to motivate yourself to meditate when you wake up and get out of bed. Soon you’ll know what it’s like to be truly ready to seize the day!

Practice meditation without being tied to a device

Want to take the next step and go beyond just a guided meditation? SKY Breath Meditation is an ideal at-home, self-guided morning meditation practice. SKY has helped millions of people worldwide to enjoy the benefits of more energy and vitality each day while improving their mental health and overall well-being. This meditation practice utilizes breathing as part of a deep meditative experience. 

Click on the image below to attend a FREE breath and meditation live session online with a certified meditation teacher. You will learn more about SKY Breath Meditation so you too can meditate as part of your morning routine!

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Phillip Miner writes his own spirituality blog, Light Club. He also writes on topics of spirituality for publications such as Hinduism Today.

Based on inputs by Neema Kamdar, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Teacher

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