I Hate People: Why You Feel This Way and How Meditation Can Help

If you find you feel like you hate people, it can be a sign to step back and check in with yourself. Meditation can help. 

Jade Doherty
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Experiencing feelings of hatred towards people is difficult. Whether it's a particular person or people in general that trigger us, it's very tiring and unpleasant to experience. We often think that someone hating us feels awful, but being in a place of "I hate people" is not much better!

There can be many reasons why we might hate someone. Perhaps they have done something awful to us, or maybe we slowly found our dislike for them turning into contempt and then into hatred.

This post is not to suggest that everything is "love and light" and you are bad for feeling like you hate someone. 

Sometimes people do really bad things. But in the end, feeling hatred towards them harms you more than them, and takes a lot of emotional energy.

But they ruined my physical and mental health

negative emotions

Someone with ideological differences may have done something that you really dislike, and that action provoked feelings of hatred in you. However, hating them just costs you your mental and physical health.

This means that they not only did what they did, but you are still paying for it.

Presumably, you don't want to maintain such strong negative feelings towards someone, as these hateful feelings negatively affect you. Hateful feelings harm your mental and physical health, and can even get in the way of developing new and healthy relationships.

The point isn't to pretend they didn't do something bad, it's to free yourself from them so that you can get the emotional support you need, experience more positive emotions, and ultimately move forward in your life.

Hate is a strong word. How about "intense feelings of dislike?"

Intense dislike

Maybe you don't hate someone from the depths of your soul, but experience a lot of resentment, negative thoughts, and strong emotions towards them. It might be a colleague, a friend, or even family members.

Maybe you find yourself getting really angry with your friends, or have unresolved resentment towards your parents, or even ongoing anger towards someone you work with. These can be stressful situations that can quickly lead to things spiralling into arguments.

In these kinds of situations, boundaries are often a good place to start. You might feel like you hate someone, but chances are you don't. You just need some alone time or more support.

I've often found the type of relationship can make a difference. Someone can be an awful boss and cause a lot of stress, but be a nice person to hang out with socially.

Chronic stress aka I hate everyone equally

If the idea of social interaction makes you shudder, it's probably a sign to take a step back and notice how you feel in the rest of your life. If you're struggling, overwhelmed, and experiencing burnout, it's completely normal that you'd have a reduction in empathy and an increase in stress and fear. This could be a sign your mental health is suffering and some self-discovery is needed. 

Try seeking some professional advice, create boundaries, and see if you can have more compassion and understanding for yourself. You're not wrong, you're just experiencing the consequences of being burnt out and overdoing it on a daily basis.

How can meditation help?


Whether it's a specific person or the general population that you're stressed by, meditation is a great tool if you are feeling like you hate everyone. Why?

Meditation helps you relieve stress, self-regulate, and find peace within yourself. And from that place, you are better equipped to deal with the people and social situations in your life. It becomes easier to set boundaries, to say no, and even to get help from a therapist.

SKY Breath Meditation helps people to regulate their nervous systems, which leads to increased wellness, clearer thinking, increased presence, and better social relationships. It also helps to reduce social anxiety and depression, all of which contribute to a happier you.

That's not to say meditation is the only thing you should try. In many cases, meditation plus therapy can be a great combination. Especially when dealing with mental illness, the support of a qualified mental health professional is incredibly valuable, and meditation can complement the work you do with them.

Getting started

If this sounds like you and you'd like to make a change, we invite you to join us for a free intro to SKY Breath Meditation. An experienced instructor will guide you through a breathing exercise and give you insights on how you can continue your journey. Take a deep breath, and click the image below to sign up.

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