Gurudev Talks Knowledge with Modern Nirvana's Frank Elaridi

Read (and watch) this lovely conversation between Modern Nirvana’s Frank Elaridi and global meditation master, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Betsy Herman
Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

In an interview with Modern Nirvana's Frank Elaridi, here are some of Gurudev’s responses to questions about peacekeeping and freedom. Watch the entire conversation on the video below.

Frank Elaridi: I'm Lebanese originally, and I was in the Middle East once, ten years ago, and I went to a cafe and this older man asked how my day was. And I said, "Oh, it's really beautiful," but it was raining, and I said, "but I was hoping for good weather."

He said, "There is no good weather or bad weather, there's just weather."

So, this is a really special place. The energy is so strong.

Gurudev: Absolutely. Wherever we are, we make it become special. I have been to Lebanon, too. Once or twice, I think. Three times.

Frank Elaridi: On peacekeeping missions?

Gurudev: Yes. We have a small group of our teachers in Lebanon. When bombs exploded there, I was concerned, so I called our volunteers and teachers and asked them, “Are you scared?”

They said, “No, we’re not scared. We’re here working.” We had about 400 doctors there.

Frank Elaridi: 400 doctors from Art of Living? 

Gurudev: Doctors, volunteers, and healthcare professionals were caring for people and working. They sent me their photos and reports showing so much energy and commitment. 

Frank Elaridi: That's so beautiful. Jaytesh from your team was telling me too, that the volunteers have no fear. Because they know their purpose and their dharma and they know they're protected. 

Gurudev: You see, when there’s love there’s less fear or no fear. With so much love or dedication to a cause, you enter a different plane altogether.

How to approach peacekeeping


Frank Elaridi: So when you see somebody on these peacekeeping missions, what's the main thing that you're bringing forth? Let's say you were in Lebanon or Columbia, or wherever you end up, what's the main thing you're trying to show both sides so that there can be peace?  

Gurudev: To help make peace, don’t go with preconceived notions about them. Just go there and be available for whatever’s needed. 

I feel it's just human nature that when we’re open, concerned, and caring, we become spontaneous in taking decisions and acting. So I never prepare. I don’t say, “Well, I’m going to say this and this is what I want to achieve.” No. Just go and be there.

Frank Elaridi: Be guided by the moment. What do you see when you see somebody? I'm always curious about this. What is it that you see when you meet somebody? Are you immediately seeing their karma, their dharma, always, or just when you want to? 

Gurudev: It's instantaneous. You don’t have to make an effort to see someone beyond what they’re doing. You don’t need a telescope or microscope. It just flashes. 

Glimpses of onenessoneness

Frank Elaridi: Is there any judgment about that information you're getting?

Gurudev: Not at all. Everybody is just part of one ocean. Different waves of the ocean are the ocean, not separate from it. So every individual is within one huge, collective being. 

Frank Elaridi: Like a drop in the ocean. What's interesting is that you can understand that logically, or you can understand it experientially, right? And I've had glimpses of that where I'm like, "Oh my god I get it. We're all one! Oh my god, I understand, now I know!" Because you always just hear it. "We're all one, we're all one." Then there's a moment where you realize it. For some people, it's plant medicine, or for other people, it's deep meditation. Whatever it is, you get the, "Oh my God, we ARE all one! Wow! That feeling. So how do you instruct people in that? 

Gurudev: Just imagine if that WOW doesn't leave you. 

This is just a small bit of knowledge from this lovely interview. Watch the entire exchange between Frank Elaridi and Gurudev below.


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