The Power of Vital Force: How to Get Your Energy and Life Back

By Paige Leigh Reist | Posted: August 15, 2019

In many spiritual and cultural traditions around the world, power, purpose, and happiness is something that is gifted and regulated by a higher force. But in ancient Indian tradition, that power, purpose, and happiness is something that already exists within you as your vital force—your prana—and this force can be brought forth with nothing more than your will and your breath. 

In modern life, we have forgotten the golden key-the higher our energy, the better our performance in everything we do. When your vital force is vibrant and strong, you become your best self, and your life begins to transform into something you hadn’t dared to dream was even possible. 

Published by Hay House USA, The Power of Vital Force: Fuel Your Energy, Purpose, and Performance explains how you can do just that. In this book, Rajshree Patel, an internationally-renowned and celebrated Art of Living instructor, details the nature of our vital force, gives us tools to quiet our minds and tap into our hidden reserves of energy and explores ancient secrets for heightened, dynamic performance in a modern context. Through biohacking techniques like breathwork, movement, and meditation, she teaches how to access our inner joy and peace, and to help our highest self bloom into being. 

The Power of Vital Force is a practical pathway to the unlimited source of energy and intelligence that exists beyond the thinking and reasoning mind. It’s already making waves, prompting brilliant praises from some of the most successful public figures active today.

In an interview with Authority Magazine, Patel explained the power of vital force:

“Vital Force is our innate loving, vibrational Force. It’s the energy by which everything moves and operates. The level of that energy force within us directly impacts and influences the state of our mind and therefore the quality of our life. The higher the energy force the higher our positivity. We up level not only our physical well-being, but we up-level our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. That means we are mentally more clear, focused, agile, resilient. Cooperative, emotionally more calm, optimistic, happy, spiritually more connected to ourselves and the people and world around us.”

About Rajshree Patel:

A former federal prosecutor, Patel began her own journey in Vedanta, a branch of Indian philosophy, over three decades ago, and has since taught hundreds of thousands of people across 35 countries, opening over 600 meditation centers and training thousands of teachers in the process. This book represents the culmination of the knowledge and wisdom both traditional and personal she’s gained on her own spiritual and intellectual path. It’s been a journey of learning to stay true to herself, to speak and connect with authenticity, and to honor the divinity within us all. 

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We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the book and how it prompted the positive shift within you and to your vital force! Share with us at blog@us.artofliving.org  

Paige Leigh Reist is a writer, editor, blogger, and creative writing instructor. 

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