Sri Sri Yoga: Authentic Yoga In the Purest Form For Every Body


Sri Sri Yoga, as inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, is a discipline, both gentle and powerful, that integrates elements from the different paths of yoga, especially Hatha yoga, uniting the body, mind, and breath in awareness. Here the wisdom and techniques of yoga are brought to you in a joyful and thorough manner and covers a vast range from breathing techniques (pranayama) to various yoga postures (asanas) including Sun Salutation to yoga philosophy and guided meditations.

Sri Sri Yoga is unique

The core essence of yoga, and therefore many of the benefits, has been lost in most mainstream classes. Sri Sri Yoga is different. You'll learn authentic, holistic yoga with far-reaching benefits for modern living and daily life.

Yoga for every body

In Sri Sri Yoga, you will discover an accessible, non-judgemental yoga that meets you, just as you are. You'll explore your own comfortable edge of stretch and strength to suit your body. And emerge with deeper self-awareness and insight.

More than just poses

Experience all aspects of complete yoga practice, including traditional yoga postures (asanas), simple breathing techniques (pranayamas), guided meditation, and yogic wisdom. Yoga, at its core, is holistic.

Sri Sri Yoga is offered in the form of two unique courses as follows:

1) Sri Sri Yoga Foundation Program (aka Sri Sri Yoga Level 1)

This 10-hour workshop (also currently being offered online) provides an experience of all aspects of yoga, including:

  • Combination of gentle and vigorous postures as well as dynamic exercises

  • Powerful breathing techniques

  • Application of yogic knowledge

  • Simple tools for relaxation

  • Guided meditations

  • Yogic perspective on attaining a balanced diet

  • A brief introduction to Ayurveda, the science of life

Pre-requisites: None

Course format: You can experience the Sri Sri Yoga Foundation program in your neighborhood or treat yourself to a yoga retreat in one of The Art of Living Centers or online.

2) Sri Sri Yoga Deep Dive Retreat (aka Sri Sri Yoga Level 2)

A profound yoga immersion to experience a genuine sense of tranquility, vitality, mental clarity, and serenity

What is Sri Sri Yoga Deep Dive Retreat?

As yoga enthusiasts, many of us are on the lookout for a yoga course that can help us explore the depths of yoga - from philosophy to practice.

Sri Sri Yoga Deep Dive Retreat is an opportunity to dive deep into the depths of yoga and fully experience what it is to live like a yogi. It is a "Complete Body-Mind Detox Retreat" where you will move beyond the confines of the yoga mat to detox, invigorate and heal your body, relax your mind and nourish your soul. You will learn how to bring principles of yoga into every moment of your life, bringing you total health and freedom.

Dive deep in yoga

Advanced yoga does not have to necessarily mean difficult yoga. Here we thoroughly explore yoga postures, ancient yogic knowledge, breathing and meditation in a gentle yet profound, celebrative and joyful retreat setting.

  • Correct your postures for better symmetry and alignment

  • Physical and emotional cleansing through Shankh Prakshalan (digestive system cleanse) and Neti (nasal wash)

  • Understand yoga scriptures better 

  • Learn new pranayamas (breathing techniques) that are heating or cooling in nature

  • Experience SAHC*: Strengthening and Healing Contractions that helps relieve chronic pains

  • Experience silence in activity and activity in silence

Course format: Four-day residential course or online from the comfort of your own home.

Prerequisites: Yogis who have completed SKY Breath Meditation Program (aka Happiness Program or Yes plus)

What is SKY Breath Meditation?

SKY Breath Meditation is a rhythmic breathing meditation that gets rid of deep-rooted stress in your body and mind leaving you refreshed, recharged, fully energized, and clear. This highly popular breathwork, practiced by millions of people across the world has also been mentioned in the New York Times bestseller “Breath - The New Science of a Lost Art” by James Nestor. A recent Yale University research even backed its deep effects, even more, deeper than mindfulness-based meditation.

Join in Beyond Breath - a free online introduction to SKY Breath Meditation with a live instructor who can answer all your questions about SKY and also give you a glimpse of meditation. 

Start your yoga journey with full confidence embarking upon the most purest form of yoga available in the 21st century! 

Art of Living Part 1 course: Discover Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s ancient secret to modern well-being.

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