How to Deepen Your Meditation

24 Aug 2016 Bangalore, India

(Below is a continuation of the post Realizing The Subtle Truths)

Yesterday, someone was telling me about a unique quality of the Gir cow (an indigenous native breed of cows) we have in India. People in Gujarat who breed the Gir cow in their farms have even done an experiment to confirm this. They say that the cow is so sensitive and aware, that when it comes in contact with a family member of the house, it is able to understand the Nadis (subtle channels of energy or life-force in the body) and can grasp how healthy the person is. The cow then goes to the forest or grazing grounds and feeds on specifically those kind of plants and herbs that can help cure the condition the person may be suffering from. When the person drinks the milk from this cow then they get cured from whichever disease or medical condition they may be suffering from.

Nature has this unique quality of being able to access the suble space very easily.


It is said that when you go near a cow and pet it, the cow is able to determine what kind of Doshas your body may be afflicted with – whether it is Vata, Pitta or Kapha Dosha. The cow then grazes on only those herbs and plants which can effectively remedy the disorder or problem you are suffering from. If you drink the milk from this cow then you will be cured of your problem within two to three days. This is really an amazing thing. Nature has this unique quality of being able to access the subtle space very easily. This is why in India we have always given the cow the pedestal of a nurturing Mother, and call her as “Go Mata”. We have always known that the cow is a very sensitive and caring animal, so much so that the cow’s milk is seen as equal to a mother’s milk.

These days the Vegan concept in food has become quite popular in foreign countries – according to which, they do not consume any protein or protein-like food that comes from animals. The research that has been done on the basis of which the Vegan concept in food has come in foreign countries has happened only because of the drawbacks of A1 protein. Many doctors practising Naturopathy in India tend to copy these aspects of the Vegan lifestyle. Supporters and proponents of the Vegan movement say that, since no animal consumes the milk or milk products derived from milk of another animal, hence humans too should not drink milk. Instead they favour consuming more of fruit juices. Many of the Naturopaths I have seen in our country who follow and practice this philosophy seem to have less glow on their faces. They appear to be weak somehow. I have also been told that many people who follow this start having deficiency of Vitamin B-12 and D3 and they have to go to the hospital for treatments to cure this.

What I am saying is that milk is definitely important in our diet, but one must not consume it in excess as that can harm the body. Many people drink one to two litres of milk without thinking of the effect it has on their health. This causes obesity and other disorders also. It becomes very easy for us to do something in excess rather than in moderation. I would suggest that you consume milk in the right quantity, as much as is needed by the body.
That is why it is said, “Ati sarvatra varjayet” (Excess of anything should be refrained from). Twice or thrice in a week, one should consume some milk and curd. I have even advised the Naturopaths about this. I tell them that it is good to promote Naturopathy, but they should not advise people to do away with curd in the diet. A little bit of curd is good for the body. In a vegetarian lifestyle, one needs to supplement the diet with a few other vitamins and minerals as well – which can only come from milk and curd.

A little bit of curd is good for the body. In a vegetarian lifestyle, one need to supplement their diet with a few other vitamins and minerals - which can only come from milk and curd.


Now, I just told you about how our Indian cow can amazingly sense a person’s Nadi when it comes in contact with him. This shows that there is only One Consciousness that is present everywhere in Nature and all of creation. This (consciousness) is without a second and all-encompassing. The same Consciousness cares for you in the form of a cow; as your mother and father, your children and so on. So this Divine Consciousness is present in every form and substance of Creation. This is why this entire existence is alive and full of awareness.

The same Consciousness is also present in your enemy. Knowing this, you should relax and rest in deep meditation from time to time. But do not confuse this in practical and worldly matters. In the practical world you will obviously see differences in form and qualities of people and substances, and you will have to act intelligently as per the situation. But the moment you sit for meditation, then you should drop the differences otherwise you will not be able to meditate. When you sit for meditation, you should sit with Abheda-buddhi (a mature intellect that sees the essential unity and oneness in all of Creation) and drop all differences. Having Abheda-buddhi brings enormous strength and steadiness to the mind, intellect and memory.

When you have deep restful sleep, then you find that your sense organs, your body and mind are refreshed and also renewed in strength. When you go to sleep, you drop everything, all differences, cravings and aversions. So in a way, during sleep, you are in a state of Abheda-buddhi. Otherwise you get stuck in inertia and negativity and that does not allow you to rest. When you sit with a restful awareness in meditation, when you drop all differences and repose in a state of Abheda-buddhi, then you acquire many Siddhis (extraordinary abilities). This is a deep secret – and that is what meditation is.

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