The Mantra Of Love

6 Feb 2016 Bangalore, India

You should keep a peaceful and happy heart.

The mantra of love is – no one is the other, or an outsider. And the mantra of knowledge is also – no one is an outsider. With the same motto we are hosting a World Culture Festival – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (one world family).

The wings of goodness are very strong. If you need to confront bad deeds, everyone should come together. There are a lot of issues and problems in the society and if we want to overcome societal problems and increase awareness, everyone will have to work together. Everyone will have to come together to get rid of tension, mistrust, distrust and all these ills in society. All good people with good hearts will have to come together in one voice. We have to send the message that goodness will prevail over evil.

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