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Message 2016

31 Dec 2015 Bad Antogast, Germany

Review The Past And Revive The Spirit In You

Today is the 31st of December 2015, and today is the day we should review the past year. Just imagine yourself sitting on the bank of a river and watching the river flow. You are watching all the different things flowing by in the river. A ship is going in the river, logs are floating, leaves are flowing, some ducks are going by, and unfortunately some garbage is also flowing in the river. You are watching everything moving, completely unperturbed. In the same way, when you sit on the bank of time and watch as time carries the events, you will be amazed as you notice that there is something in you that is not changing. You notice that you are not changing, and you are unaffected by anything.
Reviewing an event helps you to be a witness to the event rather than being a participant of the event. Do you see what I am saying? Review all that happened last month, the month before, the month before that; like this the whole year has some wonderful things and some ugly things that have happened, and it has all gone.

So, just imagine that you are sitting on the bank of the river and watching the river flow. Every moment there is fresh water, many things floating in the water, many birds picking up food and flying away. Also see the swans and ducks, thought the water is flowing, they flow with it a little distance and then they come back to their area. Also swans never get wet. They come out of the water, shake themselves, take a little warmth from the sun and again jump back in the water.
A swan has a lot to teach us. It teaches us — be amidst the event, don’t to run away, but don’t let it stick on to you. If it appears to have stuck on to you, then go on to the shore and shake it. And celebration is the way in which you learn to be on the shore, and smile at the events which are passing by. So in life also, many pleasant events are happening and many unpleasant are also happening, and both have made you deeper in some sense, both have made you stronger in some sense. So take the lessons and move on, don't question that which has already happened. It is wise not to question that which has already happened.

So review the past. When you review the past, what happens? Suddenly you will see that the past has left you. The past has anyways gone, but you’ll also find it leaving your mind. That which appeared to be sticking to your memory will also leave.

Review the past and revive the spirit inside of you. Our spirit is covered by dust, or ashes. The fire of the spirit is buried beneath the ashes. All that you need is do is to blow a little bit, and it will be rekindled again. So revive the spirit inside of you.

Look at the spirit of the children, they have such joy, such enthusiasm and such vibrant energy, then why are you like this (dull and droopy).

Do you know what we do? Instead of just clearing the dust from the carpet, we look for the reason for the dust being there? We think, "From where has this dust come, and why has it come". We get into this meaningless analysis. And if the dust has come from the window, we go the window and we say, "This is the window the dust has come from".
My dear, there is no doubt that it has come from a window, but whichever window it has come from, and also where it has come from is immaterial. That there is dust on your carpet, first vacuum clean it.
This is what we tend to do, we look and see who is doing what to us. Then we say, "That person is this way, and this person is that way". Forget about all of that, and see what impressions the other person is putting on your mind, focus on that. If there is any impression on your mind that has been made by somebody, first clear that. If x does not put the dust in you, y will put the dust in you. Who put the dust is immaterial, the point is why should you keep the dust. Just shake it off; clear it away, and celebration is the way to do that.

This New Year Eve, greet all those with whom you don't vibe well, and also those with whom you vibe well. Greet them!

Review the past, and revive the spirit in the present moment. You are unphased by events. You are unphased by people's reactions. You are independent light, you are wisdom which is unaffected by events and surroundings!

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