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7 Dec 2014 Bangalore, India

(Announcement: Jai Guru Dev, today we have with us a person who has achieved great heights in organic farming. His name is Mr. Khan and he is harvesting around 800 different types of paddy in a nearby village called Malavalli. During his great grandfather’s time, his family got the land from Tippu Sultan. Today he is growing all the types of mango trees which were present during that time. It is around 120 types of mangoes. 
People who have created a revolution in organic farming are here, in Karnataka. Today they have come to get Gurudev's blessings, and we welcome them.)

See how nicely this mat has been made from rice and wheat paddy. It is very innovative. If you make a festoon from it and keep this at your home, all the birds will come and take the paddy one by one and eat it. Do good work like this.

Look, the youth should come into the agriculture field and bring in innovation like this. That is how India will move forward. It is so admirable that the farmers have brought with them so many varieties of seeds. They have grown as many as 700-750 types of rice. And they have not only preserved these varieties but are also reviving different varieties of seeds.
The youth engaging in farming and doing good work like this is very special news. If the country is to sustain and for everyone to get food, the youth will have to get into agriculture.

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