A Leaf Out of My Yoga Diary

A 37-year-old, busy, multi-tasking woman’s account of how yoga adds zing to her life

Married for 12 blissful years, mother of two energetic children, and a bank manager for eight years, I am Nina Singh: a fun-loving, gregarious woman who loves people, exploring new places and looking up exotic recipes. You could see a reflection of me in many women today. The privilege which my life enjoys is the gift of yoga. It has given me peace of mind, the ability to enjoy my multiple roles and walk with a confident step.

September 3, 2012

10:30 p.m.


Just Another Manic Monday

“It's just another manic Monday, I wish it was Sunday...”

I heard these words clearly ring in my ears as I enjoyed a lovely dream this morning. I woke up realizing that it was the alarm buzzing on my mobile phone (I had set my favorite number of all times by The Bangles as my alarm tone). What an apt song for the day. It was 5 a.m. and I desperately wished Sunday was never over!

I slowly made my way out of the bed to start a frenzied day. Humming the tune all along, I took a quick shower and got ready for my superfast yoga session – a few warm-up stretches followed by 12 rounds of my perfect body workout –Sun Salutation. My body warmed up, yet my mind in a state of absolute peace, I sat down on the mat to take position for Sudarshan Kriya, another of my daily yoga practice. That was all I had time for early morning, but it was enough to charge me up for a long Monday.

Quick Tips For A Picture-Perfect Day

  1. Start your day with yoga stretches. Include Padma Sadhana and Sun Salutation to stay calm and high on energy all day.
  2. If you feel tired during the day, relax with soothing pranayamas.
  3. Meditate, ideally before lunch – it helps break monotony at work and recharges you.
  4. Try some neck, shoulder and wrist rotations while at work to de-stress.
  5. Have a positive attitude and a smile on your face. It keeps you fresh and charged up through the day.

Next on my list was making lunch box for my kids. It was a frantic affair every morning – making breakfast for children, packing lunch for the husband, but thanks to my morning yoga, it would keep me active yet calm through all this. After sending everyone to their respective destinations, I quickly got ready and walked to the train station to reach mine.

As I got into the train and slowly settled down, I knew it was a long journey to work and so I was well-equipped. Plugging the earphones in, I turned on some flute music on the Ipod. It was softly drizzling outside the window (monsoon had just started setting in) and the soothing melody of the flute perfectly complemented the mood. Enjoying every bit of the peace it instilled in me, I closed my eyes and with a gentle smile, took a few deep breaths in.

At work, it was a huge list of things to do, as always. But I was not bothered. Peaceful but focused, I started tapping my keyboard and before I realized, it was 12 p.m. already. Meditation time! My energy levels had started dipping by now and this was my daily supplement before lunch to help me through the second half of the day.

I had a meeting with my manager after lunch. I entered her cabin only to realize that it was not her day. She started complaining, asking for explanations, least giving me a chance to speak. When she paused, I put forth my ideas: some solutions to her concerns. As I did so, I became aware of how much I had changed in these eight years. I would earlier give her a piece of my mind, had she spoken to me so rudely. But I guess it's my yoga practice which keeps me peaceful in all kinds of odd situations.

At about 4 p.m., most people in the office head to the cafeteria for a shot of caffeine. I used to do that myself, yet now I control my temptation and instead do Nadi Shodhan pranayama for a quick dose of relaxation.

As the clock struck six, I hurried to the station to catch the train back home. It was heavily crowded but I was not complaining. Neither did I feel very tired, all thanks to the short yoga breaks I had been taking during the day.

As I got home, I quickly freshened up to sit with kids for their homework. That over, I rushed to cook dinner. At about 10 p.m., even though I was tired physically, my mind was happy, peaceful and fresh. So when my younger daughter pulled me to her room for a night-time story, I happily agreed. Having put the kids to sleep, here I am, writing this entry of yet another manic Monday that just passed. With these lyrics still buzzing in my mind, I now sign off, waiting for my alarm to sound my favorite tune at 5 a.m. and unfold an exciting Tuesday.

Nina's story could be yours, in fact of every multi-tasking woman. Her life is pretty much like ours, but she chooses yoga to be her companion in leading it with peace. If you also maintain a yoga diary like Nina and would like to share your experience, write to us at And, if you wish to enjoy the fruits of yoga practice, register today for a Sri Sri Yoga Course at an Art of Living Center near you.


Written by Pritika Nair