Top Yoga Poses For
Those Amazing Abs!

A toned abdomen is often considered as a sign of a healthy body. And there are others who crave for a waist line that does not embarrass us and allows us to wear the clothes that we like. For those who are still struggling to tuck in their tummy and get well-toned abs, yoga can be of great help. While working out in the gym has its effects, On the other hand, yoga refreshes your body and mind; improves your metabolism and also helps you reach closer to the goal of a terrific-looking tummy. A couple of hours spent once in an Sri Sri Yoga program will equip you with simple weight-cutting yoga postures which can be practiced daily.

Here's a list of yoga postures to get you started on your journey to a jaw-dropping tummy:

A Breathing technique that tones the abs? Yes! The Skull shining breathing technique improves the metabolism rate, improves the digestive tract functioning, and thus helps in reducing weight effectively. Begin your yoga routine with this breathing technique.

The Superman pose stretches and strengthens muscles of the chest, shoulder, arms, legs, abdomen and lower back. This is an excellent posture to tone the abdomen and lower back and is also one of the most effective workouts for abs and stomach.

The Cobra pose strengthens the entire back and shoulders. It also helps tone the abdomen and improves blood circulation.

The Seated forward bend stretches the lower back, hamstrings and hips. It also tones the abdominal and pelvic organs.

All the muscles of the back are stretched in the Standing forward bend. This posture tones the abdominal organs and also improves the blood supply to the nervous system.

The Warrior pose stretches and strengthens the shoulders, chest, belly and groins. It also helps tone the body and is an effective stress relieving posture.


Tolasana (Scale pose)


The Scale pose is a variation of Padmasana (Lotus pose). It helps strengthen the arms and abdomen.

Malasana (Garland pose)

The Garland pose is very good for toning the belly.

This variation of the Bridge pose helps improve digestion by stimulating the abdominal organs.

End your yoga routine by lying down a few minutes in the Corpse pose. This posture helps rejuvenate your body by relieving stress and by repairing tissues and cells.


The benefits of regular yoga practice leads to a healthy body and a calm mind. Yoga is more about toning your entire body rather than just body-building. So, even if you become irregular in your practice, the chances of weight bouncing back will be a slower process as compared to a gyming routine.

For those who are already initiated in basic yoga practice, can learn advanced ways of attaining a chiseled body at an Sri Sri Yoga Level 2 program.


Yoga practice helps develop the body and mind bringing a lot of health benefits yet is not a substitute for medicine. It is important to learn and practice yoga postures under the supervision of a trained Sri Sri Yoga teacher. In case of any medical condition, practice yoga postures after consulting a doctor and an Sri Sri Yoga teacher. Find an Sri Sri Yoga program at an Art of Living Center near you. Do you need information on programs or share feedback? Write to us at