Your Mind is Like a Mirror: Why Get Caught Up In The Images - Instead Just Reflect

By Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar|Posted: March 05, 2019

The mind is like a mirror; whatever comes in front of it is reflected in it. But a mirror doesn’t cry, “Oh, I got dirty!” when a dirty picture comes in front of it. And it doesn’t jump up and say, “Oh, I have these wonderful qualities,” when something good is reflected.

When you’re driving, you can see in the mirror that there is a garbage can behind your car. Just imagine the mirror identifying itself with the garbage can. Or, imagine the mirror identifying with some beautiful scenery. In both cases, what would you say? It’s a stupid idea, it’s not the reality. The mirror is neither the garbage can nor the scenery. And that is exactly how it is with our own consciousness.

Our consciousness is like a mirror. Different images come onto it, and they all move away. Know this, and be free. When we get attached to any of those images, that is bondage. So, wake up and see – the mind is a mirror.

Not hating anyone is a sign of intelligence

Anyone you think of, their emotions and their state of mind latches on to you and is reflected through you. Have you ever observed that whomever you are angry with or hate, you think of that person more than yourself? And as you think of this person, you get agitated or distressed. On the other hand, if you think of someone you love, you have a nice feeling and your nervous system assumes that form.

That’s why I have said, “Don’t hate anybody.” Not for the sake of the person whom you hate, but for your own sake. Whatever you hate becomes a big block in your mind. Therefore, the most intelligent thing to do is not to hate anybody, because whomsoever you hate, you get those impressions embedded in you.


Wherever you put your attention, that will start manifesting in your life. If you put attention on anger, anger will manifest. If you put attention on lust, lust will manifest. Focus on love, and love manifests. Focus on imperfection, imperfection manifests.

Observe your intention, and put attention on whatever you want to grow in life. Intention, attention and manifestation -- that is how the universe manifests.

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