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  1. FIFA to host global summit on ethics in sports

    Aug 25 2014
    ZURICH (AP) - FIFA will host a conference on ethical sports leadership organized by the Brussels-based World Forum for Ethics in Business. FIFA says its president Sepp Blatter will open the Sept. 19 meeting which aims to “elaborate on what business and pol ...
  2. Garcia and Eckert on cast list for FIFA-hosted ethics summit next month

    Aug 25 2014
    August 20 - FIFA is to host the first ever conference on ethical sports leadership in conjunction with the Brussels-based World Forum for Ethics in Business. FIFA president Sepp Blatter will open the September 19 landmark forum with speakers to include bot ...
  3. 10 best Ashrams and spiritual retreats around the world

    Aug 25 2014
    It is India’s age-old spirit and spirituality that made the West stand up and acknowledge the practice of yoga and meditation. Ashrams (isolated communities formed around a guru who follows Hindu philosophy) and Buddhist monasteries (residences for monks) ...
  4. On Independence day, Sri Sri urges youth to take pride in their roots

    Aug 16 2014
    15th August, 2014, Bangalore: “Indian youth should take pride in their roots. This will increase their self-esteem. Be creative, equip yourself with different talents along with your degree and become unstoppable in taking India forward”, was the message s ...
  5. Israel-Palestine: The Only Way To Resolve Conflict

    Aug 6 2014
    The first thing needed to resolve conflict is to build trust between the two sides. But a long history of bitter war between Israel and Palestine makes this difficult. There have been talks to resolve the dispute earlier but they have not been effective du ...
  6. Exclusive! Sri Sri Ravi Shankar speaks out!

    Aug 8 2014
    The spiritual guru responds to Sheela Bhatt/'s quick-fire questions with prompt answers. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the presiding spirit behind the Art of Living movement with its global imprint, is an unusual guru. Born in Tamil Nadu, he lives in Kar ...
  7. Art of Living hosts Japanese Minister of Education, Culture and Sports

    Aug 7 2014
    The Art of Living hosted a reception to honour H.E.Mr. Hakubun Shimomura, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan, on 7th August ,2014 at its International Centre, Bangalore. Welcoming the Chief Guest, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, ...
  8. A Conversation With Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    Aug 7 2014
    Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: In 2009 Forbes ranked Sri Sri Ravi Shankar number five when calculating the seven most powerful people in India. From my perspective... he is simply an amazing person whose mission is to propagate meditation and the happi ...
  9. Come Home Silently

    May 8 2014
    There are three types of Silence. The first is the silence where there is no talking. This is very beneficial for people just to be aware of what they are saying and how much energy they spend talking. The second is the silence of stillness. This is the si ...
  10. Yoga Helps Prisoners Find Their Center

    Jul 31 2014
    A group of about 20 young men donning tattoos, red sweats and white T-shirts gather in the drab, tile-floored, gray barracks, as an instructor guides them through a deep series of Oms, side stretches, standing poses and breathing exercises. “Inhale, exhale ...
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