20 August 2013 - QA 1

Gurudev, a lot of our international family members are asking, why have they tied you up with threads?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Yes, that is what I was saying. Most of these Rakhis (a sacred thread or band tied by the sister on the right wrist of her brother as a mark of love and assurance that he will protect her at all times) are made in China. These days, all our festivals are so much connected to China. All Ganesh idols are made in China. Lord Krishna has immigrated to China, He is coming from there. So does the Rakhi.

Rakhi is a festival where the women tie a sacred band to their brothers. You know, just like how you have friendship day, and you tie a friendship band to your friend? In the same way this is a protection band that ladies, especially the sisters tie to the brothers and wishing protection and safety for him at all times.

So they do this with an intention to protect. The intention is very strong. You know, the power of intention, the power of wish has a very unique place. And that is what signifies this festival of Rakshabandhan. So it’s a festival for brothers and sisters. And they exchange sweets and tie band and wish protection. So there are many well-wishers here, which is why there are so many knots and bands on my wrist also.