25 July 2014 - QA 7

Gurudev, I am in silence so I can’t speak but I wish to scream at some people on this course. They are so rude and think only about themselves. Shouldn’t spiritual people be more considerate?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Yes, you are right. I keep them here so that they cause less problems in the world. Just imagine even after having come to the spiritual field if they are rude, how would they have been in their previous incarnation without the spiritual knowledge.
You don’t get disturbed by them. We are not a homogenous group here, not everybody is same. We are all different types of people here. Among the 500 people that are here there maybe only three or four very irritating people. Thankfully they are only a minority. You don’t see everybody behaving that way, otherwise we would have a war here. There are some very good people here with a lot of patience as well. So put your attention on the good people, on the good natured decent people who have courtesy.

I am also at a loss with these people. I’m also thinking how to educate them. Maybe they are slow learners. Let’s hope one day they learn. Just remember there are all different types of people. We are literally in a zoo because the world is like that; it is like a zoo.