I Meditate Africa: An
Antidote to Terrorism

“Violence ends where love begins”. – Gurudev

And it is well known that meditation brings more love in people’s lives. While counter terrorism operations and other security enforcement measures will continue at one level, the benefits of meditation should certainly be given more serious consideration, as a part of peace building in tackling the challenges we are facing today – from violence, crime, and corruption to trafficking and other ghastly issues.

The recent series of barbaric attacks, from Pakistan to Australia to Europe to North Africa, confirm that “mindless” violence remains the staple of most groups. With greater social hostilities between different ethnic, religious and linguistic groups, political terror and gross human rights abuse, the danger of terrorism is emerging around the world. 

Africa too has emerged as a terror haven and is witnessing resurgence in jihadi-linked violence. The continent is especially vulnerable because terrorism is not limited to attacks but includes the use of African territories for training, radicalisation and mobilisation of resources through both legitimate and criminal channels.

Meditation for Conflict and Violence

Conflict and violence have plagued mankind throughout history. How can one protect society from these dangers? Militaries cannot wipe out the problem alone through its counter terrorism operations and other security and standard military measures. A silent approach is much needed that will help people focus more on peaceful means of settling difference.

Discord in the world stems from discord in our minds, and there will only be harmony and peace in the world once there is harmony and peace inside us.

I Meditate Africa, a continent-wide peace initiative  to achieve the goal of a stress free, violence free Africa, was resultantly launched in 2013. It is a 4 year powerful campaign led by a voice of Peace and Human Values, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, which aims at promoting peace in Africa by encouraging the use of meditation as a mainstream peace building tool for the continent. Gurudev’s words resonate at this time, “Even if one percent of the population meditates, it benefits the rest 99 percent”.

 2015 Statistics

I Meditate Africa is a volutneer and citizen driven campaign

Over 500 000 Africans have meditated from 01 - 23 May 2015

25 African countries participated in the live webcast peace meditation with Humanitarian and founder of The Art of Living Foundation, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

18 free public events across Africa braodcasted the live webcast on 23 May 2015

6 public radio stations have broadcasted Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's guided 'Africa Peace Meditation', reaching out to thousands of people in Africa

The Father of the continent, Mr. Nelson R. Mandela, who was a meditator himself once said, "I dream of an Africa, which is in peace with itself". This is a dream that all Africans carry in their hearts, and "I Meditate Africa", allows the ordinary person to play a small part in making that dream a reality in a big way.

The ‘I Meditate Africa’ campaign led by a dedicated and visionary team of volunteers, has touched the lives of thousands across the African continent by uniting them in peace through meditation.

Anu Nepal, an Attorney and Human Rights Activist shares, “When I think of the millions of children in my land suffering from the effects of violence which currently governs our continent, I realize the urgent need for my involvement with I Meditate Africa. I Meditate Africa makes critical mass change possible. The power of silence can change any situation. And here we have with us an opportunity that must be utilized by all Africans to make a true difference without much effort from every individual participating.”

"I Meditate Africa is about taking peace as a concept towards peace as a tangible experience; thereby giving peace an opportunity to become a way of life rather than an unattainable ideal" says Aneshree, Gauteng.

It is said that the world has always been changed for the better by a handful of committed people. Here is your chance to be a part of that special group of committed people. Join us in 2016 to grow this noble cause.

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