Discover your skills & Multiply
Your Time by Four

Do you sometimes juggle too many things? Do you wonder how some people are able to manage all their tasks simultaneously, well? We cannot multiply our hands, but we definitely can expand the capacity of our mind to accommodate doing many things at the same time.

All you need is a little mining into yourself and discover some skills that can help you! And an easy-to-use mining tool is Meditation.

The skills that we can dig, from the reservoir within us, are unlimited. Let us take a peek into how meditation can come handy in harnessing a few of the infinite skills that can be unearthed from the treasure hidden inside us.

Skill #1: Better Concentration

Like a potter, you can give shape to your aspirations through superior concentration, which is an outcome of meditation. With meditation, you are effortlessly in the present moment. It helps you keep away from the anxieties of the future and the regrets of the past. With regular meditation, you are able to concentrate better on your work and you grasp things faster. This way, you save so much time while simultaneously being highly productive.

Skill #2: Sharp Memory

Have you faced the problem of conceiving brilliant ideas at odd times, when you cannot note them down? And are troubled because of the noise inside and out, which doesn’t help you retain the ideas for long? The noise inside us is in the shape of wasteful thoughts, and the noise outside are things distracting you from work—these are our two troublemakers. They don’t help us retain things for long. If you are someone troubled by these, you’ve probably been looking for a memory sharpener called Meditation! You can carry it anywhere, anytime. You can conveniently scribble on the notepad of your memory whenever and wherever you want and then relax. You brilliant ideas will come to you whenever you want them to.

Skill #3: Better Efficiency

Now add more hours to your day! When you are jam-packed with work, sparing ten to fifteen minutes for meditation sounds crazy. What if I say that when you are most pressed for time, that is when you most need to meditate? Because, with meditation, you can add those extra hours to your schedule! How?!

When you meditate, your tiredness is gone, the mind is fresher, and your efficiency increases. You automatically start completing tasks before time, without craving sleep and definitely without your boss nudging you for final reports. Basically, you are able to create time for yourself, family, and your passion, whatever it may be!

Skill #4: Creativity At The Workplace

Have you ever wished for an outpouring of creativity at your workplace so that you can impress your seniors with the same work done differently? But, the problem is, you don’t really love your job! At the workplace, there are two ways to be happy – either love what you do or do what you love! We may not always be given tasks we love doing. So what? Take a splash of meditation at such times. The restfulness you experience takes you to the source of creativity, from where you can extract ideas, enabling you to work smart rather than work hard. It also helps keep you interested in the work you are assigned. When you are so enthusiastic about work and life, you feel energetic enough to culture your hobbies and aspirations.

Skill #5: Better Decision-making Ability

Sometimes, you need your intuitive powers to make decisions. Meditation gives deep relaxation, which strengthens one’s intuitive powers. Intuition acts like your third eye; it shows you that which cannot be perceived normally. The quicker you are at making decisions, and right ones, the faster you get your tasks done. With the extra time gathered, you’ll be able to quickly strike off the “wished-to-do” activities from your list! You’ll find yourself being happier and having a rich set of hobbies!

There is no such thing as a perfect time to meditate. You can start discovering your hidden reserves of talent right away. Why wait?! Start meditating now!!

Tips For You

1 - As you become highly productive with meditation and begin saving time, invest it in things you would like to do, which otherwise you were unable to.

2 - In the extra time you have created for yourself, why not call friends and family for a get together? Begin your party with meditation, as you all are empty-stomach. A group meditation with a meditation teacher or a guided meditation audio CD will make your experience of meditation a lot deeper, while also uplifting the mood and ambiance. How about dancing to the tune of Yoga Rave music?

3 - Just to make meditation more happening for yourself, why don’t you surf our reservoir of online guided meditations? You may add more flavor to life at work by choosing a different meditation each day.

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom talks

Written by Ravisha Kathuria

Based on inputs by Bharathy Harish, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Teacher