Seven Essential Tips That Could Help Budding Lawyers Become Successful

We all might secretly admire and look up to that one favourite lawyer we wish to be like. Their accomplishments amaze us and inspire us to strive to be as successful as they are. Isn’t success dear to all of us? Often, we have too high an ambition, little energy, and very little time to fulfill our ambitions. With an aim to achieve all our ambitions, and keeping the time factor constant, can we increase our energy and be able to complete our work in lesser time? Isn't this every student's dream? It is, and it is possible too. With a tool called meditation.

When one meditates, they increase their energy levels. Meditation, an age-old method of attaining deep rest and energizing the self at the same time, can come in handy to up your career graph as budding lawyers. The mind, which is often stuck with the past and anxious about the future, can deprive you of living in the present and giving your best at what you are doing.

So, here is a sneak peek into how this powerful yet simple technique of meditation can do wonders to your life, especially when you are just about to embark on an extremely important phase of your life!

#1 Enhancing Your Communication Skills

How amazed are you when you see an experienced lawyer present a case in the court with absolute precision and flawlessness? While solid preparation on your case is important, that in itself isn’t sufficient. How brilliantly you present the case matters just as much. Having said that, as a budding lawyer, it is imperative that you develop exceptional communication skills, for it is important to project your client’s case in the best manner possible.

Meditation can hone your communication skills by helping you attain this clarity in thoughts along with a relaxed mind and body, which is conducive to effective communication. Not only will you be able to present your case well, but you will also be able to improve communication with your client, team members, and others in general.

“Meditation has given me a better understanding of things around me. I am relaxed and able to express myself with clarity”, complements Priya Shivdasani. A comprehensible mind, the appropriate use of language, good memory, and excellent presentation skills can be slowly developed with the regular practice of meditation. They play a pivotal role in how you present your client’s case.

#2 Handling Pressure With Ease

You have meetings lined up, extensive research to be done on your client’s case, your seniors have been giving you a lot of work, and there are deadlines to be met. How easily will you be able to manage all of these without getting stressed and feeling pressurized?

As a fresher, numerous circumstances will arise where you might have to face a lot of pressure due to your work, from your client, and sometimes from external sources as well that might affect you mentally and physically. In such conditions, how can you manage work effectively?

Practicing meditation for a while everyday can give you that much-needed peace of mind and give you the energy you seek to do away with all the pressure and stress you feel. Multi-tasking is no more a burden but something you can manage with a smile!

#3 Honing Your Analytical & Critical Thinking Capability

Don’t you think a lawyer’s job is an intellectually challenging one? A strong analytical mindset is required to present your case with perfection. Analyzing your client’s case in every way possible with precision is important. Apart from this, having a critical approach towards the case is crucial for a lawyer, for it helps you figure out all the strong and weak points of the case, and your part of the arguments in particular.

Meditation can help you develop an intuitive mind, which is helpful in sensing the possible strengths and weaknesses of your case. It also sorts the clutter of thoughts and clears stressful impressions, which gives you the sharpness of mind to cut through the extraneous details that every case brings along with it and focus only on the substance, which is infinitely helpful while working on any case.

“Lawyers need to be analytical and have to think about a particular case from both sides. For me, meditation has helped me attain this clarity of thought that I think is important for an analytical approach. Presence of mind and spontaneity is another thing that we as to-be lawyers need to develop from this stage itself, and meditating everyday for a while has helped me with all of this. I hope to kickstart my journey as a lawyer with these qualities and much more!”
– Damini Thaker, fourth-year law student

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