Seven Essential Tips That Could Help Budding Lawyers Become Successful (Part 2)

This is continued from Seven Essential Tips That Could Help Budding Lawyers Become Successful (Part-1)

#4 Being Energetic, Enthusiastic, & Optimistic

Did you know you can win half the battle by being enthusiastic and having an optimistic attitude? As a student of law, you will face tough times, when you will be left feeling absolutely weak and lost due to complicated situations and numerous challenges.

Meditation can prove to be beneficial in such situations, as it has the potential to uplift your energy levels to a new high altogether. You are the source of your own energy. It is all within you, and meditation has the ability to tap this energy that is hiding inside you.

A few minutes of regular meditation can help you develop an optimistic approach apart from pumping you up with the required energy and enthusiasm to tackle all the tasks that you take up. This in turn can become a source of inspiration for your client and motivate him/her as well to have faith in the system and keep up the hope that justice will prevail.

#5 Devising Strategies & Taking Decisions

Now that you have started off your journey as a lawyer, you would not want to regret making inappropriate decisions that might hamper the chances of you winning cases for your clients. You need to make sure that your client doesn’t regret choosing you to fight his/her case at any stage. Therefore, strategising your case properly and taking the right decisions is an integral part of your profession.

Meditation can help you take better decisions. Meditation makes the mind free of all fears and unshackles it from judgemental feelings. Thoughts become clearer and you are balanced, sharp, and aware.

“Your intention becomes strong and guided by the right intuition. This makes decision-making much simpler; meditation has helped me a great deal in achieving this”, says Priya Shivdasani, corporate lawyer and meditator for 10 years.

Meditating regularly for a while can therefore help you to take appropriate decisions, for you can differentiate between what is good and bad for you and your client and accordingly make choices.

#6 Building A Never-give-up Attitude

As you begin your career as a lawyer and in your journey to become a successful one, there will be numerous incidents that might make you want to give up. Complicated cases, difficult-to-handle clients, work pressure, deadlines, constant orders from seniors, and other external pressures can make you feel lost. Meditation helps in making your intentions stronger. Your commitment and that never-give-up attitude will be strengthened with the practice of meditation.

Meditation makes you calm from within and prepares you to take up any challenge or face any situation head-on with a balanced mind on your way to fulfill your intentions. Your task lies in protecting the interests of your client and meditation can help you stay committed to your task no matter what!

#7 Sticking To Your Morals & Ethics

Haven’t you noticed that when you indulge in something that you are not supposed to, you often get attracted to it and want to repeat it again and again, as is the case with smoking or drugs. And then, you are overcome by guilt. As a beginner in this profession, make sure you are honest and glued to your morals and ethics no matter what. Meditation has the ability to touch your soul and bring a total transformation in you.

“Meditation gives you a very humanitarian approach, allowing you to think from both the head and the heart. That makes you stick to values and morals while getting your work done”, shares Priya Shivdasani. It helps you realize that there is a greater force that you can rely on, a feeling that everything will be taken care of. And when you experience this, you don’t have to resort to unethical or unpleasant ways to get your work done. You become more strong from within. Meditating everyday can also help you differentiate between right and wrong and it gives you insight into the pros and cons of the choices you make.

“Our profession is such that we face pressure and experience stress almost every day. I believe meditation has the power to help me get destressed and develop a composed and balanced mind given that we, as lawyers, have to be very argumentative on the job. With an irregular lifestyle in terms of work, meditation gives me that much-needed energy and peace of mind at the same time.”

– Aakanksha, fourth-year law student