How To Enjoy This Winter
Season More?

In the stillness of winter, meditate to rediscover the power of inner stillness

Winter is the time to get cosy and celebrate with your family, whether it is Christmas, New Year, or just a family get together. But sometimes, small things like a sore throat, cough, and body stiffness can bother us or the stillness of winter can make you feel dull.

Here we offer you some simple yet effective tips that can lighten your spirits in this cold season.

#1 – Pump Up Your Mood

The dark, cold, long winter months sometimes turn out be gloomy and dull, and we tend to mirror the same feelings. This winter, take out the time to meditate for a few minutes and observe the change in how you feel. Daily morning meditation can keep you happy all day.

It also might be a good idea to indulge yourself in creative activities frequently, which will keep you in a pleasant state of mind. It could be anything from cooking new dishes to creating a nice winter gift for your loved one.

# 2 – Ward Off Winter Sickness

As the temperature lowers day by day, the chances of catching a cold or having a sore throat increases. It is a good idea to consult a doctor for medication. However, regular practice of meditation will help you hasten your healing process. Meditation also acts as an immunity booster and helps you keep away winter sickness.

On days you are feeling unwell, eat vitamin-rich food like fresh fruits and green vegetables, which will help boost immunity.

Gastric problems are also common in winter, so it is a good idea to avoid gas-producing food like cabbage and cauliflower.

# 3 – Try The Natural Winter Warmer

Backaches, body stiffness, and joint pains are very common during winter. Try the natural winter warmer and say good bye to these problems. Start every morning with the Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar), which will help you keep warm.

If you are required to be seated at your workplace for long hours, relax stiffness by doing neck and shoulder rotations.

When you come back home from the cold, doing some Sukhsma Yoga for 5-7 minutes will help you warm up, relax, and keep active.

# 4 – A 10-minute TOT (Time-Out Time)

Have you observed how you sometimes feel sluggish and lazy during winter? But that is no excuse not to work, right? Meditate to keep yourself active; especially when you are feeling lethargic. Meditation helps to restore energy. Meditating once every morning is recommended. But during your working hours, just take a 10 min TOT (Time-Out Time) to meditate. It will help you restore your energy and you can now work faster and be more creative.

#5 – Make Your Own Junk Food Day Calendar

In winter, it is natural to gorge on your favourite foods, which is most of the time calorie dense. Keeping a check on the kind of food you eat might be important in order to keep yourself healthy and in shape. Regular practice of meditation will help you be more aware of this.

What might also work for you is having your own “favourite food day calendar”. This calendar can include a junk food day every week or fortnight. Eating junk food only on that day will ensure you consume healthy food on the other days. Do not forget to work out an extra hour on the junk food day to burn the extra calories. Your daily meditation will help you be stronger and keep up this “only-one-day-junk-food-day” commitment.

#6 – Go On A Natural Relaxation Retreat!

With the winter cold outside, how thrilling is the idea of just lying down for a nice relaxing and warm ayurvedic body massage? Well then, go for it! Do not forget to use Narayan Oil, which acts as an instant pain reliever and helps you relax more.

So, no more worries now; even if we have body stiffness, a sore throat, or a cold, we know how to handle it, right?


Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom talks

By Divya Sachdev

Inputs by Bharathy Harish, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Teacher