Pre Meditation tips for
experienced meditators

Congratulations on meditating regularly for several years, or more! No doubt by now you’re very familiar with the wonderful beneficial changes that come through consistent practice. To allow your meditations to be deeper and more impactful, we present here some suggestions for you in the form of simple, practical tips.

These tips fall into two categories: tips for preparing to meditate and tips that apply during meditation. We suggest starting with the preparatory tips first, as many people find that these pointers alone are enough to profoundly deepen their meditation experience.

The preparatory tips are designed to help settle your mind before you sit to meditate. You will find some of these really easy to implement in your practice – getting sufficient sleep, keeping an empty or relatively light stomach before meditation, doing some yoga asanas are just a few tips to help you meditate in peace. You can get many more of such useful suggestions from our advanced meditators by downloading the complete e-book below.

Before you go any further with getting more tips to better your practice, we assume that you are following a sattvic diet and lifestyle and that you have mastered a meditation asana, whether it is sukhasana, chairasana, or sofasana! Also, you will find that these tips are general in nature, and you may wish to contact your Sahaj Samadhi Meditation teacher for more specific advice on your individual situation.

So get set for a memorable meditation experience with these simple day-to-day tips. DOWNLOAD THE E-BOOK  for complete information on all prior articles on meditation tips for experienced meditators like you.