6 reasons why meditation
is useful in weight loss

Are you losing sleep in your attempts to lose weight? Has your exercise not helped you reduce body weight as much as you had hoped? Do high-calorie food items call out to you despite your most resolute rejections?! Never fear, meditation is here!

Do you diligently work out at the gym for long hours? Have you also trained your taste buds to prefer salads over fried snacks? If you have, surely the weighing machine is mistaken? All that discipline and so little to show for it! What more can you do? Well, how about adding something natural and simple to your daily routine? Have you tried meditation to lose weight?

Are you wondering how this is even related to weight loss? Meditation is for the mind, not the body, right? Well, if you think about it, losing weight is as much a mental process as a physical one. If you could train your mind to refuse junk food, you have won half the battle. 

So, let’s explore what meditation can do for weight loss:

Meditation tips for weight loss


Meditation lowers your BMR effortlessly 


How many calories do you need at rest? Just to keep breathing. That is your BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate. So the lower the better. Lower calorie-intake means reduced body weight. Simple enough. But how? When you meditate, your body’s BMR reduces. This means you need fewer calories and this helps you lose weight - naturally.


Meditation aids in assimilation of food


So, you worked out at the gym for an hour? You must be ravenous. You feel you could eat like a horse after a rigorous exercise regimen. And you almost do! However, the unpleasant truth is that your increased appetite continues even when you don’t work out. The issue arises with the assimilation of the food you consume. How can you improve that to lose weight?

Well, one of the best tips for weight loss is to practice meditation. Meditation helps improve assimilation of food. Hormonal imbalance and stress lead to overeating and indigestion. It helps relax your stressed nerves and balance your hormones. This has a long-term effect on your efforts at weight loss. So, even if you don’t exercise for a few days, you won’t gain much weight.


Meditation moderates unhealthy urges for fast food


The biggest roadblock to weight loss is, perhaps, craving for junk food, especially if you have a sweet tooth or are a foodie. What meditation can do for you is to make you more aware. When you are in the ‘awareness zone’, it is easier to reject those tasty temptations. You become more watchful of what you eat. Over time, your cravings for those mouth-watering cakes and chips will also reduce.


Meditation = Less stress


Have you observed just when you reach for that bag of chips or that bar of chocolate? Were you stressed at the time and looking for some quick ‘harmless’ thrills? You might not always feel it but stress can seat itself deeply in your system. It leads to over indulgences. This is why meditation is so effective for weight loss. It lightens your load by plugging into your inner self and releasing you of your burdens. When you are relaxed, you won’t want to raid the larder.


Meditation boosts commitment


Day 1 and Day 10 of your weight- loss program are, probably, the hardest. Taking off requires initiative, but maintaining the routine is no piece of cake either! You need the commitment to continue. Despite your best intentions, there are threats. For instance, sleeping too much or too little, and feasting on fast food. These disturb your weight loss program by weakening your resolve.

Meditation gives you the will power and strength to realize your intention. You learn to value your commitment to exercise by following a moderate diet. So, practice meditation every day to lose weight.


Meditation makes time for weight loss programs


You have no time to exercise – have you ever told yourself this? Are all the great tips for weight loss lost on you because of this? Get this: meditation will help you find more time during the day!

"I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one." ~ Mahatma Gandhi 

Meditation makes you more efficient, giving you the feeling that you were gifted more time. It will help you make time for exercise. You can explore Sahaj Samadhi Meditation to lose weight.

Before you practice meditation for weight loss, you could do some yoga asanas. Diet is also a vital part of every weight loss program and these ayurvedic tips for weight loss can work wonders.

At the end of the day, learn to accept and love yourself as you are. Sometimes, when you take your mind off weight loss, you start to lose weight!