Yoga and spirituality

Spirituality is a harmonious blend of outer silence and inner celebration and also inner silence and outer celebration. Spirituality is nothing to be afraid of or must not be misunderstood, it’s simply kindling your very natural self, the spirit, energy or consciousness deep within. When you are in complete harmony, the self shines and you naturally feel happy, focused and healthy.

Anytime you are confused, your mind is in conflict, practise yoga. You will see that clarity dawns right away. An effect of yoga asanais to clear out all conflicts, all duality in you -‘Tato dvandva anabhighatah’ Tato dvandva anabhighatah (Patanjali Yoga Sutra Verse II.48). The human mind has a tendency to cling to the negative. However,yoga asana and meditation help the mind to effortlessly transcend the pessimism and negativity and easily experience the exhilarating life force. Spirituality and Yoga

For the body, we have asanas. For the mind we have pranayamas which provide emotional and mental well-being. Asanas also work on the mind and pranayamas on the body; there are no strict boundaries. Meditationremoves spiritual misery, dejection, darkness and depression. That is why yoga stops the endless activity of the mind,Yogas Yogah Chitta Chitta-Vritti-Nirodhah (Patanjali Yoga Sutra verse I.2).

All kinds of mental, physical pain, known and unknown can be prevented by adhering to yogic discipline. Heyamdukhamanagatam (Patanjali Yoga Sutra verse I.2).

The practice of yoga stops misery from entering our world - in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual spheres. All kinds of mental, physical pain, known and unknown can be prevented by adhering to yogic discipline. Heyam dukham anagatam (Patanjali Yoga Sutra II.16)

We need to do a cleansing process within ourselves. In sleep we get rid of fatigue, but the deeper stresses remain in our body. Some meditation, yoga, and the Sudarshan Kriya® cleanses cleanses even the deepest layers of our consciousness. You blossom from withinand become whole, strong and complete. Otherwise, trivial things can easily throw us off balance.

When attention is given to the spiritual aspect of one’s life, it brings a sense of belongingness, and responsibility, compassion and caring for the whole of humanity.

The knowledge that unites love and wisdom, that uplifts the spirit is spirituality. The knowledge which gives us a broad vision and a big heart is spirituality.

Life is a precious gift – discover it by going beyond the wrapping paper.