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Who has time for meditation?!? You do! In just 10 minutes, you can increase your mindfulness and feel calmer right now. Can I get an “Om”?

Denise Everheart
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Busy people need meditation more than anyone! There’s a common saying in meditation circles, “You should practice meditation for 20 minutes every day unless you’re too busy, then you should meditate for an hour.” But unless you have experienced the profound benefits of meditation, that scenario is unlikely to happen. Sometimes it’s easier to stick to checking off your to-do lists (or distracting yourself in various less healthy ways) than to take time out for meditation. You might also doubt that you could sit for longer than ten minutes. But what if ten minutes of daily meditation was long enough to begin to transform your life for the better?

I am here to share with you how a 10-minute meditation can make a positive impact on your health and happiness. Let’s dive in!

Ready to meditate right now? Try this 10-minute guided mindfulness meditation.

A mindfulness practice has never been so easy!

Why are so many people into meditation these days?

Meditation has become more common in recent years, and it’s no wonder given how much stress everyone is feeling lately. If you feel you don’t have enough time to effectively unwind and recharge, meditation can be the perfect tool to help you drop stress quickly. In a mere ten minutes, you can gain back your mental clarity and recharge your batteries, so you can be off and running at peak performance once again. 

Why does meditation seem so hard to do?


Okay, so if more and more people are turning to meditation, why can’t you seem to master it? It's simple. You are trying to teach yourself.

To learn meditation, you need a teacher with experience and expertise to guide you. This is especially true if you want to reap the benefits that come from deeper meditative experiences. Otherwise, it’s easy to get frustrated and give up. Guided meditations are an easy fix until you can learn how to meditate properly.

Would you like to learn meditation from a certified meditation teacher? See below to find out how you can learn and practice meditation from an expert.

When is the best time of day for meditation practice?

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Simply put, the best time for meditation is the time that works best for you. If mornings work best, then prioritize your meditation practice before you do anything else. And if mornings are simply not possible, and late afternoons work best, then do that. Just commit to meditating every day, so you can experience more and more wonderful benefits.

Meditation is great for recovering from stress, and it’s also great for increasing your resilience so stress doesn’t affect you as much in the first place. If you’re interested in meditating in the morning, here’s a ten-minute morning meditation you can add to your daily routine. And if you do it in the afternoon, that’s fine too!

What will happen if I meditate every day?

As a lifelong meditator, I often sing the praises of daily meditation practice. But today I will share something I read by Dr. Somya Ramrakhyani. Here’s her spin on the value of meditating every day.

Things that happen when you DON’T meditate:

  • You slow down

  • You make mistakes

  • You eat more

  • You crave caffeine

  • You become vulnerable to negative thoughts

  • Your emotional stability diminishes


I would also add:

  • You feel anxious

  • Your sleep is restless

  • Your mind can’t stop worrying

  • You lose your patience easily

  • You self-soothe in unhealthy ways

  • Your immunity declines

  • This list could go on and on….

Amazing that the reverse of this list is possible simply by taking time out to meditate every day!

The best 10-minute meditation uses the breath

SKY Breath Meditation

Guided meditations are great for beginners, but at some point you may want to spend the 10 minutes you have in deeper meditation. This is where learning how to meditate from an expert pays off in profound ways.

The technique I learned 25 years ago, and that is still part of my daily routine, is SKY Breath Meditation. Taught by certified teachers through the Art of Living Foundation, SKY has benefitted millions across the globe. It’s as easy to practice as any simple guided meditation. Because SKY utilizes the breath in very specific ways, it takes you right to the door of deep meditation. If you can breathe, you can meditate!

Some of the benefits SKY practitioners report include improved deep sleep, a greater sense of peace, naturally being in the present moment, and even feelings of compassion and generosity. In other words, their emotions and mental health are balanced and steady.

Check it out for yourself by attending a free guided session where you’ll learn a powerful breathing exercise, followed by a relaxing guided meditation. You’ll also learn more about SKY Breath Meditation. There's no time like the present moment. Click the image and pick your spot!

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If millions of people can meditate, so can YOU!

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