Your Mantra For Corporate

We all might be very good Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, or HR Managers, but are we good Mind Managers?

Have you observed how many times you go off-center at work – taking some irrational decisions, getting angry, feeling frustrated, feeling anxious about the future, or regretting about things in the past?

To be a true corporate, what is needed is expertise at two things. First is knowledge about your work and second is the skill to be centered enough to be able to use that knowledge effectively no matter how many challenges throw themselves at us.

For instance, say you have made an amazing product and you get some feedback to make it better. However, you feel a little offended or even feel a little anxious or irritated about the feedback. This might be on your mind for quite some time.

Now, if you knew how to handle your mind, you would have probably taken the feedback in the right spirit.

Meditation makes you a good mind manager.

Did you know there is a success mantra called triple 'I',which you use every single day of your life?

Triple 'I'

Anything you do in life becomes successful when you do it with the Triple 'I's

1 – Intention: Have the intention to do something and make it happen no matter what. For instance, you want to strike a deal with your client, so have the intention do it. Believe that you will be able to strike the deal.

2 –Intensity of action: Give your best and try all possible means to make it happen (what you intended for). This is where your perseverance is tested. So you do your best to do whatever is needed to strike the deal. Sometimes the work may throw up challenges that make you feel you may not be able to do it. But because you have the intention to make it happen, you do not give up and continue to make it work out. You try out different ways to make it work.

3 – Impact: Experience success is in your hands. Because you gave in your best, you taste success. You are able to strike the deal.

You can also apply the same success mantra (triple 'I') to incorporating meditation in your life.


Have the intention to meditate everyday! To make the intention stronger, you can take it as a challenge for yourself.

Take it as a challenge

As corporate, we undertake a lot of challenges, so we are well trained for it by default. This time, why not take up a challenge for something that can help you surpass the other challenges of the day with ease.

You can begin with a short target, such as a 31-day challenge. If you have never meditated before, let this guided meditation show you the way.

With meditation, your intention to perform efficiently will also become stronger.

Intensity Of Action

This involves trying out various ways to make whatever you intend for happen. In this case, it's meditating every day.

Try out any of the below to see what works best for you. But keep in mind your intensity of action—don't give up on meditation on any of the day during the challenge.

Meditate & Meals (MnMs)

An easier way to make sure you meditate everyday is meditating before meals. Think about it, you would never skip your meals, no matter how pressed for time you are. So if you commit to yourself that you are going to have a meal only after you have meditated, you are more likely to stick to the practice.

An advantage of meditating in the morning is that it sets you up for the day. Your afternoon meditation keeps you charged and the evening meditation helps you rejuvenate after the tiring day.

Introduce A Corporate Meditation Program

How about introducing the concept of a Corporate Meditation Training program to your superiors? This way, not only you but all your colleagues can benefit from it too.

These are the advantages for you:
1) You will get the company of meditation buddies to meditate with. This will help you keep up to your practice.
2) Think about co-workers with whom you do not get along so well. How nice would it be if they start meditating and eventually become more centered and calm?

When there's "No Time to Meditate", that's when you meditate

This might sound strange! But observe that when you have no time to meditate, that's when you probably have too many things on your plate and deadlines to meet. And that's also when you most need a calm, focused mind; that's exactly what your meditation will give you.

5-Minute Breath Observation Meditations

Sometimes you may find it hard to find 15 minutes at a stretch to meditate. Well, let this not be an excuse for you to not meditate. You can do 5-minute meditations at regular intervals (say every 2 hours).

For breath observation meditation, all you need to do is sit with your eyes closed, take deep breaths in and out, and just simply observe your breaths. (Note: Observing does not mean you have to concentrate on your breath. It simply means be gently aware of your breath.)

Your daily meditation will keep you so energized and focused that there will be great intensity in your work.


Be aware of the changes

It's important to be aware of the changes and to see how your meditation challenge has had an impact on you and your work.Ask yourself the following:

Am I able to do my work faster? Am I able to focus better?
Do I feel less frustrated now? Or if I do, am I able to drop it faster?
Do I have a greater zeal to work?

Noting the difference will become an inspiration in itself for you to continue the challenge.

Let your experience speak more than our words. Get the hands-on experience of a meditation program designed especially for corporates by registering yourself here!

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