Why meditate on full moon days?


The rays of the moon affect the water by impacting the tide of the oceans. Our body is made up of 70% water. In the same way, it impacts our mind and emotions, which is why Meditating on a full moon helps to calm anxiety, reduce stress and rejuvenate the nervous system.

During the Full Moon days you might feel a little stuck in life, some heaviness, confusion or problems sleeping. Counter this effects by practicing breathwork and meditation

Meditation can help you navigate the waters of your self. In earlier traditions full moon was associated with spitirial practice. It is said that any meditation practiced during full moon has x10 positice effects

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A full moon is that phase of the moon when it is completely illuminated as seen from the earth. During this time, the earth is right between the sun and the moon, with all three in a line. It has religious and spiritual significance in some cultures, and in others, it is believed to symbolize the rhythm of time.

In India, it is traditionally believed that the full moon affects the movement and flow of water in creation. Buddhists believe it is a time for spiritual reflection. The full moon is also thought to bring on swings in the mind and the emotions, hence the term “lunatic.”

In this universe, every object has an impact on the other. The full moon as well as the new moon are thought to have an effect on the body and mind to some extent. But practicing pranayama, yoga and meditation can help counter these effects.


How does the moon affect our body?


The food we consume is converted into 2 parts – mind energy and prana or life force. The mind energy is centered in the pineal gland area from which vital hormones get secreted. It is believed that the moon enters this gland and takes control of all our activities - from night till the time we awaken.

The rays of the moon affect human beings, animals, plants, water and so on. As our bodies consist of 70% water, the full moon meditation helps the seekers in going inward, transcending the mind, and experiencing the divinity within.

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