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It is crucial to develop and use properly both our left and right hemispheres of the brain for a balanced personality. This happens when we combine a little bit of music with logic. In Satsang we combine music and knowledge. Music in the form of bhajans - songs with a Sanskrit text - and knowledge through DVDs in which Sri Sri Ravi Shankar speaks or answers questions. The topics range from solutions to common problems in everyday life to the most subtle Vedic wisdom.


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Together in wisdom

Art of Living satsangs transcend cultures and bring people from over 150 countries together to enjoy music, celebrate life, and meditate. It is neither necessary for you to carry a tune nor to understand the meaning of the words; the important thing is to participate and sing.The entire universe is made up of rhythms. When you sing in a satsang, the rhythm helps you reach your inner self. You can experience a peaceful, calm, and blissful state of mind.

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