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Пътеводител на Майката за отглеждане на Здрави Юноши 2

A continuation from the previous article Mother's Guide to Healthy Adolescents

No mischief, childhood is not complete. Kids are born with a rosy vein - this is natural. Yes, sometimes they go out of control and that's what the mother does not want. And are you one of those mothers seeking a solution for their naughty children? Congratulations! Your search ends here and now! In our second challenge, we offer non-standard solutions for coping with your naughty child. This is a skillful one and you have it. You just need to nurture it.

Challenge # 2: How to deal with the naughty, the more naughty and the most naughty

Tip # 1:

Prepare a table with a red star for it. Divide it into different aspects of the child's life, e.g. "To brush your teeth", "good behavior", "home writing", "to help my friends". You can add a red star for every good thing the child has done and no star for something that is not good. Promise a gift to your child if it reaches 50 red stars a month. This will keep his enthusiasm always giving the best of himself.

Dear mothers, you must accept that it is normal for your children to be naughty - they think it is the right way to have fun. But should they have their own ways? To teach them the right values ​​is very important. But, instead of rebuking them, you can shine with many creative ways to help them correct their mistakes.

Find ways to keep them busy - ask your child to feed the birds outside, help you with cooking, or send them some fun in their free time.

It is important to switch to "approval mode" instead of "scratch mode". We often forget to encourage children when they do Something Good. But when they are wrong, they are always rebuked. Make a change from non-promotion to encouragement and avoid rebuking them as much as possible. Children recognize the encouragement and respond to it. It will motivate them to do things that are appreciated instead of ones that are not.

How does meditation help?

Tip # 2:

Избягвайте да давате сладки неща на децата си. Храни, съдържащи много захар, като шоколад, ги правят още по-превъзбудени. С целия този приток на енергия, децата стават неспокойни и често правят неща, които не поощряваме. Също така, не могат да се фокусират. Избягвайте да им давате и заместители като напитки без захар. Те си имат своите странични ефекти. И така, майки, от днес нататък, вашето предизвикателство е да регулирате количеството захар, което поема детето ви!

For every mother, her child is the best. Children definitely deserve encouragement when they deal with things well. You can appreciate them more by watching their kindness with patience. Qualities such as patience and observation can be brought up when you are quiet and calm. The person who meditates is a calm person. Start your day with 20 minute meditation before the kids wake up. Regular meditation will change your attitude from spontaneous reactions when children make mistakes, to awareness and skillful response to this behavior.

Interestingly, meditation can make you very creative with your child so that every month you come up with new ideas on how to model his creature like clay so you can turn it into a beautiful person.

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Mothers, With Love ...

Here is one of those solemn moments of motherhood that mother would share with great pleasure ...

History # 1: Mother knows best. She knows when her child is in trouble and when she needs her the most. Guitar shares a story about the blue sprayer.

My daughter, Tanya, is good in imitation and it was fun until one day I was not in trouble.

One morning, she saw me singing mantras and sprinkling with holy water. For her spraying was something new and charming. She ran to me and said, "Please, please, mother, give me and me to spray." Her gaze was a pity, but I stepped back to her innocence. She walked around cheerfully, sprinkling water everywhere.

Things went well until one day Tanya returned home with a look that had something to say. But the skirt gave everything - there was ink all over his tunic. "What happened," I asked her, and Tanya gave me a note from her teacher. "Dear Parents, please come to the classroom before the meeting. Sincerely, Dimple ".

I looked at Tanya, who took out a bottle of ink and spray from her purse and burst into tears. I was shocked, I started wiping tears and peeking into her bag. "Oh! So today celebrates the day of ink! "Tears were running down her cheeks, and she wept, crying. Sure it was a disaster, but I just waited until the next morning.

The teacher informed me that Tanya had brought an ink bottle to the school the previous day and the sacred sprayer. During the lunch break, she started singing and spitting off everywhere. Tanya stained the classroom, the notebooks and many uniforms. "Angry mothers have been calling me since yesterday. This should never be repeated again, "said the teacher.

I went home with pain in my heart. I did not rebuke her. After we were having lunch, I asked her to write apology notes to all the mothers. I did not say what to write, and that's what she made: "Dear Aunt, I'm sorry I ruined my notebooks, uniforms, and my friends' day. I promise to be good, as always. Forgive me that I was bad, but smile again and do not be sad. With love, Tanya. "

So, said - done. Thanks to the sprayer, I discovered the poetess, which has grown so much now.

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And your child has stuck to the TV in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening? Is it difficult to keep him looking constantly? Do not worry! In the continuation of this article, we will tell you how easily you can handle this challenge.

Do you have adventures, wit and inspiration to share? It would be a real pleasure for us to hear your story and share it with our readers.

Do you have adventures, wit and inspiration to share? It would be a real pleasure for us to hear your story and share it with our readers.

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