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Пътеводител на Майката за отглеждане на Здрави Юноши 3

D instant television has become an addiction for children. They watch TV while they eat, learn when they go to bed and sometimes even in the morning before going to school. They are hooked on the TV as a spider for their network. And do you have a problem like this? Do not worry, we have a solution for you. Read Our Tips and find ways to reduce the time your child spends in front of the TV.

Challenge # 3: How to deal with children who adore television

Tip #1:

Kids love to make a puzzle, especially if you can connect it to a story. Sit with your child and help him set the puzzle so that he thinks he only ordered it. When you leave your child alone while playing mental games, it can make him lose interest if he can not solve the task. That's where your presence is of utmost importance.

Dear Mike, it's time to think. Have you deliberately made your child sit in front of the TV so you can feed him power? Did you ask him to watch TV because you could not find time for him from his busy schedule? This may be some of the reasons for his addiction to television. Juggling between work and home is difficult, but it is inevitable. Here, you must be extremely effective. How do you feel about completing your job by standing by your child while he is sleeping or studying? Some children feel comfortable sitting by their mother while studying for other attendance and making them focus because they know they have to write their homework.

Ask your child to spend some time with your grandparents or let him play with your favorite toy, skateboard or bicycle. You can interfere when it's about to release the TV by choosing whether to play a game or walk along. Too much TV viewing will not only ruin his vision but also cause attention deficit syndrome.

How does meditation help?

Tip # 2:

Every night before bedtime tell a story to your child instead of letting him play the TV. You may not like it at first, but then, with pleasure, listen to your tales.

Modern mothers are very busy, but it is very important to work together perfectly with the privacy. You can start by setting deadlines in the job. But that does not completely solve the problem. If you want to do your job in time, you need to be focused, and you need it calm mind. With our minds that run in all directions, are we ever able to do our job in time? Meditation will help you find peace within yourself.

Mediate just 20 minutes each day and you will notice how you finish your work in time and you can spend valuable moments with your kids. Why do not we meditate now and see the difference for ourselves.

On Mickey, with Love ...

Here is one of those solemn moments of motherhood that mother would share with great pleasure ...

"Aadia is a fan of cartoons. As soon as he returns from school, he plays the TV with his favorite Pogo animated film, and is isolated from the world. Her addiction was so great that even my warnings did not help. So I said to myself - hmmm ... Aadia and I have to make a deal. "

Crete remembers the busy days in which she worked so hard and did not manage to find time for her daughter, Aadi. So she decided to give her a break and spend more time with her child.

She offered a thrilling and seductive deal to Aadiya - "If you want, we can replace your daily television with story telling." The idea of ​​listening to her mother's tales temptated her to give up television. Nowadays, Aadi and her mother dine, while Mama tells tales of the aadged Aadi. Crete tells her that her fairy tales deal has done more miracles than she ever imagined is possible. Aadia has become more creative and her imagination richer. Sometimes she interrupts her mother and starts telling her own stories like "The Journey to the Moon."

Voal! Critics found a trick! In order to make her daughter learn new things, she now says, "Aadia, if you write your homework, Mom will teach you to ride a bicycle." As she learns quickly, Mama has to find new things to learn. Recently, Aadi learns to cook and play badminton.

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