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Celebrate Mahashivratri

“Shivratri is the night we take refuge in Shiva. The consciousness which is bliss, innocence, omnipresent, and the bestower of dispassion is SHIVA! Only by going deep within ourselves can we experience Shiva. Ratri means night, the time for rest and comfort. When all activities stop and everything becomes quiet and peaceful, the body goes to sleep. Shivratri is rest not only for the body, but also for the mind, intellect and ego.” ~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Mahashivratri holds deep spiritual significance, as it is a time of inner transformation and spiritual awakening. Mahashivratri is the night when the Shiva Tattva touches the earth. The consciousness, the aura or the ethereal world, which is always ten inches above the material ground, touches the earth element on Mahashivratri, making the energy of Shiva tattva easily accessible. And meditation is the best way to tap into this infinite source of energy.

Meditating on the night of Shivratri is 1000 times more effective than meditating at any other time! Join us for the Mahashivratri Meditation Series with Gurudev.

The Symbolism Of Shiva

Crescent moon

‘Shiva tattva’ or the infinite consciousness is beyond the mind. The crescent moon represents infinity to the manifested world.


The state of samadhi is the supreme state of alertness. The snake represents this state of alertness or consciousness.


There are three states of consciousness- waking, dreaming and sleeping. The ‘Trishul’ or trident represents these three states of consciousness.

Third eye

The third eye or ‘tri netra’ of Shiva represents the power of knowledge. When the third eye opens, it burns out the enemies of mind.


Damru of Shiva also symbolizes the ever expanding and contracting universe. Damru of Shiva also represents the one supreme wave permeating the whole universe.

River Ganga

River Ganga comes out of the head of Shiva. Head is the home of knowledge. River Ganga represents the knowledge that purifies our mind.


Neelkantha represents the importance of modifying the vices into virtues. Shiva holds the poison or negative thoughts with patience and modifies them into qualities for the benefit of the universe.

Nandi (bull)

Nandi represents ‘dharma’ or righteousness. Shiva riding on Nandi represents the fact that once we are on the path of dharma, the supreme consciousness always supports us.

Reflections/ Flashbacks

‘Sutra’ in Sanskrit means ‘a sacred thread’ and ‘Shiva’ is ‘the auspicious’. There is something auspicious in everyone’s life. Let’s focus on that and uplift our mind from negativity. Our true nature is ‘swatmananda prakash mam’ or ‘the light of truth, joy and bliss’. Recognise it to get rid of pain and sorrow. Let the joy spread all around like a beam of light.

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