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Wellness Program

A complete wellness guide with an integrative approach based on Ayurveda & modern science.

Stay healthy • Keep lifestyle illnesses at bay • Live stress-free

12-18 hours over 2-5 days
I want to improve my health

The Wellness Secret

Did you know that digestive issues, heart disease, diabetes, and most lifestyle diseases are preventable?

Here is a secret: Wellness doesn't need a lot of time and money. It only needs ambition. No diets, excruciating gym routines only simple lifestyle rules.

Here is another secret: The mind and body are interlinked. If you truly want to stay healthy, you need to take care of both. The Wellness program is a treasure of such secrets and helps you design your roadmap to a healthy body and mind.

Learn the secrets to


Lose weight, boost immunity and avoid deficiencies

Lifestyle changes and practical dietary tips to lose weight without compromising on health and nutrition.


Manage sleep deprivation & stress

Learn to stay rejuvenated and stress-free with yoga, meditation and some practical tips.


The perfect routine

Customize the best lifestyle for you subject to the needs of your body, your time and your convenience.


Keep lifestyle diseases at bay

Incorporate lifestyle changes that help you prevent diseases like diabetes, heart disease, digestive issues, etc.

I want to join but...

Is the online format still available?

Yes it is

What is the duration of the program? Can I find suitable timings?

It is a 12.5 - hour program (5-days, 2.5 hours/day). You can easily find programs with timings of your convenience.

Can the program help me if I am already suffering from a non communicable disease like diabetes, hypertension etc?

Yes! The program helps you customize a wellness roadmap for yourself. In addition to your ongoing treatment, the right lifestyle changes will improve your condition.

What does the program consist of?

Educational modules on nutrition, sleep, āyurveda, exercise, and deeply relaxing yoga, meditation sessions and women issues.

What is The Art of Living and how is it associated with the program?

The Art of Living is one of the largest volunteer-based organizations working towards a stress-free, violence-free, and healthy society through a range of programs. The Wellness Program is one of its programs offering stress-relief.